Pintado Grey Fire Door


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Pintado Grey Fire Door - 1981mm x 686mm

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Pintado Grey Fire Door - 1981mm x 762mm

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Pintado Grey Fire Door - 1981mm x 838mm

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Stylish grey painted flush door boasting vertical timber graining effect. Uniform finish makes it ideal for matching. This door benefits from a semi-solid core construction allowing it to be both sturdy and cost-effective. Retouching will be required after trimming. Paint reference: NCS S5502-Y, offers a close match. Bespoke options available (minimum quantity may apply). Certifire FD30 fire doors.



Engineered Solid Core (Heavyweight)


No Glass


Fully Finished

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1981mm x 686mm, 1981mm x 762mm, 1981mm x 838mm


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