Oak Internal Doors

Stylish and affordable oak interior doors. From traditional oak doors for your cottage to more modern options, there’s something for everyone in our collection.

You’ll find everything you need for your interior oak doors when you shop with us, including your door furniture. You can select the type of glass, material, finish, and manufacturer. Everything down to the type of door handle to finish your new oak door installation.
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Oak Internal Doors

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What is an Oak Internal Door?

As one of the most sturdy materials on the market, oak makes fantastic internal doors. Oak doors are warm and attractive, with natural wood grain that adds to their charm. This solid, thermally efficient material means that your new interior doors will not only last longer than other doors within your property but will also keep your energy bills down.

What is the difference between veneer oak and solid oak doors?

Both solid oak and veneer oak are used to make all kinds of furniture, from beds, and chairs, to doors. Whether you’re redesigning just one room or your entire home’s interior, it’s important to know the differences between the two.

Solid oak internal doors are manufactured from oak wood, creating a secure and durable door for your home. Oak has been used to make doors due to its great quality and finish, creating a luxurious transition between two rooms.

Oak veneered doors are only finished in a thin layer of oak. The door itself can be made from a multitude of materials, such as timber or MDF. Whilst the veneer can add a layer of security and insulation, it does not compare to a solid oak door for its stability and thermal efficiency.

If you’re looking to improve the aesthetics of your home, then internal oak veneer doors are an effective, low-cost alternative to internal oak doors. Perfect for smaller budgets, oak veneer doors can leave your home looking and feeling classier than ever.

Overall, solid internal oak doors are a more effective solution to home redecoration. The increased price-point correlates with their excellent performance ratings and overall value.

Why choose an Oak Internal Door from Doors & More?

Oak internal doors are one of the most secure and durable modern doors on the market. When looking to kit your home with new internal doors, modern solid oak doors are some of the best available.

Offering all the benefits of a standard timber internal door, internal oak doors also boast a plethora of additional perks that you won’t find in other commonly used doors.

Here at Doors & More, we strive to manufacture the best in oak internal doors. We believe that oak internal doors are some of the best modern internal doors on the market, and here’s why:


Nothing screams class, allure, and luxury more than an internal oak door. Traditionally a popular choice for the exterior of more luxurious homes, oak doors inside the house can bring about a pristine natural feel.


Our oak interior doors are manufactured with durability and stability in mind. As one of the most structurally secure doors on the market, we pride ourselves on providing doors that will last a prolonged period of time within your home.


With the right maintenance, your new door will continue to complement your home’s interior for longer. Due to their natural stability, oak doors are easy to upkeep. Once or twice or year, just be sure to wipe down with a warm, damp, soapy cloth to remove any excess dirt from the exterior to prevent deterioration to the finish.


Here at Doors & More, we are proud to provide you with the best quality doors at affordable prices. Although at the steeper end of the internal door market, our interior oak doors are manufactured with the best materials and processes, leaving you with the best quality doors at an affordable price.

Available in a variety of door styles

Now that you’ve decided that oak is the material for you, finding the right style is just as important. From flush to oak panel doors, Mexicano or Victorian style, your oak door can make or break your look. Whether you need a traditional or contemporary internal door, we have something to suit.

Oak Internal Doors With Glass

Glazed oak doors are a fantastic contemporary addition to any home. By allowing an excess of natural light to flow through your home, glazed oak doors can help increase the sense of space between rooms. A popular choice for contemporary homes with the inability to achieve an open plan layout.

If you’re looking to increase natural light flow without sacrificing privacy, then we also have frosted and diamond bevelled glass available. There are also a number of modern and traditional designs featuring different sizes of glass panels to complement the style of your house.

Oak Fire-Rated Doors

We also stock oak fire doors for both personal and commercial use. These FD30 and FD60 fire-rated doors are built to withstand up to 30 minutes and 60 minutes of fire protection respectively. As a compulsory measurement within office buildings, and other commercial buildings, why not add a sense of luxury to your workspaces? Our fire doors are just as stunning as our standard doors.

Finished & Unfinished Oak Doors

Our finished oak internal doors are a convenient option for anyone eager to get their new door hung upon its arrival. Alternatively, create a stunning look using paint, varnish, or wax, on any of our internal oak doors to compliment your style.

Top Door Brands

We supply a large range of the UK’s leading door manufacturers to provide you with as much choice as possible. They include Jeld Wen, Climadoor, and LPD doors. Whatever style you choose, you can be confident that every door within our range has been hand-selected by our team to ensure they meet the quality and look you’d expect.

Support choosing an oak internal door

Feeling a little bit lost? Don’t worry: our sales team will be happy to clear up any confusion and point you in the direction of a door that’s right for you. Fill in our online contact form to speak to one of our team and we’ll help you make a choice that’s right for you.

Brands We Stock

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