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In this section of the site you’ll find our range of products from Climadoor. They’re specialists in folding doors – of both the internal and external variety.  Based in Derby, they’re among the nation’s foremost manufacturers of bi-fold, French and French-folding doors. Climadoor have been manufacturing and distributing their wares for years, and have developed internal French door systems which give the traditional appearance of the French style, but with all of the functionality of a bi-fold – but they’re still able to provide the more ordinary styles we know and love.


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Climadoor manufacture their doors in a variety of different materials and colours, including white-primed, and both finished and unfinished oak. They also come with a selection of different glass panels, including transparent and frosted options.  For example, there’s the ‘Lincoln’ style, which is distinctive for its set of thin vertical wooden stripes.  Then there’s the ‘Aston’ style, which is a little more symmetrical, with equally spaced strips of glass and wood going up and down the length of the door.  On the other hand, you might prefer each panel to come with a single, uninterrupted sheet of glass.  Whichever style you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something to match your taste and situation on these pages.

Climadoor call the technology through which these doors are manufactured ‘Laminated Veneered Lumber’ (or LVL for short).  You might have seen this described using the phrase ‘engineered timber’; it’s a method which retains the natural look of oak while keeping costs and weight to a minimum, and making the best possible use of the naturally-available wood.  The main components, like stiles and rails, are built using solid timber, which allows for excellent stability.  The other, less functional parts of the door are then filled in and faced with veneer.  The entire door is then given a lipping of solid timber – which helps to ensure that the door looks consistently fantastic.

Doors from this manufacturer offer superb thermal efficiency; some of the timber doors on offer here boast U-values as low as 1.8, which, for timber, is exceptional.  Where external doors are concerned, you’ll find double-glazed doors which restrict convection to 1.3w/m2k, French ones which keep it down to 1.5w/m2k, and single-leaf external doors which get it down to 1.7w/m2k.

What’s more, these doors are top-hung, which means that they’re attached to a ceiling-mounted rail rather than a floor-mounted one.  This allows for a seamless transition from one side of the door to the other, which is invaluable in situations where you’d like to open one room out into another.  What’s more, it will save you the pain of stubbing your foot as you cross the threshold!

Climadoor systems are able to offer larger panel sizes, with arrangements that will fit gaps anywhere from a svelte 1650mm to an expansive 4700mm.  Whatever size gap you’re shopping for, then, you can be sure that you’ll find a door to match it among the items listed here.  So why not take a look through right now?

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