Oak Veneer Internal Doors

Oak veneer doors are a popular choice when searching for new doors that have the appeal of a solid wood door but with extra sturdiness. Veneer doors, also known as oak effect internal doors, are crafted by laying incredibly thin but high-quality wood over both faces of the door’s core. This creates the look of solid oak internal doors but is often available at a more affordable price....Read More

All Oak Veneer Internal Doors

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What are oak veneer doors made from?

All veneer doors feature an engineered solid core, with an outer layer of quality wood – in this case, oak. The solid core gives the door added strength so you can enjoy the classic style for years to come. The outer layer of the internal oak veneer doors is specifically selected to provide the best possible finish with the beautiful natural wood grain taking centre stage.

Why choose an oak veneer door?

Veneer doors offer all of the charm and quality of traditional solid internal oak doors without the risk of warping and splitting. Because they have natural oak laid on top of the engineered solid core, veneer doors are often impossible to tell from a solid oak door plus they are often more affordable. The classic style of oak doors suits modern and traditional homes alike, so it’s sure to work in any room of your home.

Choosing your style

Whatever your house and furniture style, you cannot go wrong by choosing oak veneer doors. Our vast engineered oak door range can be categorised into solid panelled and glazed options. Engineered oak internal doors without any vision panels are ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms where extra privacy is required. Take your pick from the vertical and horizontal panels in stock to best complement your space. There are many benefits to choosing oak veneer doors with glass. Both frosted and clear glass panels lets natural light flow through your home with ease and particularly helps naturally dark rooms. Clear glazed options work really well in any communal area like kitchens, living and dining rooms, and hallways. That’s because you can enjoy all the benefits of the on-trend open plan style, alongside the extra cosy feel that you get from partitioning your space. The use of clear glass also creates a better flow between rooms too. The frosted glass options available have many of the best benefits of both clear glass and solid panels. That’s because it still lets extra natural light into any room but offers added privacy. Therefore, this often makes it a fantastic alternative to solid panel doors.

What finishes are available?

Our oak veneer internal doors are available pre-finished and unfinished.   Unfinished doors are an excellent choice for people who want to add their own finish to the door before hanging it, such as our Derwent door. These doors are supplied without any varnish, wax, or paint so you can add your own finishing touch to make them fit in with your home décor. Finished doors will be supplied with their own varnish or wax so they’re fully finished and available to hang upon delivery, such as the Oak Trent door. These are a great option for those who don’t want to spend additional time and money on their door before hanging it.

Additional safety features

When choosing an external door, we always spend additional time making sure it has the appropriate locks and is sturdy enough to keep our home secure. However, safety is just as paramount when choosing our internal doors. For added protection, many of our oak veneer internal doors are available as FD30-rated fire doors and are 44mm thick for extra safety. An FD30-rated door means it will suppress the spread of fire and smoke for a minimum of thirty minutes. This gives you and your family extra time to get to safety should the worst happen. Fire doors are a legal requirement in some commercial properties and are highly recommended in residential homes for any door between the kitchen and other rooms, including a garage. So, for that added protection and peace of mind, choosing one of the engineered oak veneer doors in stock is the sensible choice.

Get in touch

If after looking through our oak veneer internal doors you still have some questions, our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help. Whether you have a question about choosing the right size for your doorway, delivery options or anything else, our team will do their best to assist. You can find out the best way to get in touch with our team by visiting our contact page.

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