White Primed Fire Doors

The white primed internal fire doors in this collection are so stunning in their design that they could be finished, hung and look spectacular as they are.

For shoppers who want to add their own touch, such as a specific paint colour, this is also a possibility.
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White Primed Fire Doors

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Introducing a fire door into your home is actually more stylish than you may think. Our primed white fire doors will enhance the look of any styled property and are ready to paint in whatever colour scheme that suits you best, be it bold or subtle!

All of our primed fire doors have all the safety benefits that our standard fire doors offer but they’re completely customisable so you can style them any way you’d like.

What is a fire door?

You may be asking yourself what is a fire door exactly? And what makes them different from standard doors?

Fire doors are one of the most important safeguards against building fires. They do this by containing any fire, and preventing it from spreading throughout your property.

Fire doors come in different levels of protection. These are FD30 and FD60 approved models. FD30 approved fire doors are able to withstand a fire for an absolute minimum of 30 minutes. Whereas FD60 rated ones will hold out for at least 60 minutes.

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, it is important to understand the required fire rating needed to meet building requirements. The minimum rating required for fire doors is FD30 and is most commonly used in homes and domestic buildings.

All our fire doors are approved by the FD30 standard, so you can be sure they meet all your safety needs.

Do you have to paint a primed door?

Your door will be primed and ready for paint when you receive it. Although your new primed fire door will look already completed and ready to install, thanks to its smooth surface, it still needs a topcoat in order to help protect it from wear and tear and water damage. With that being said, the primer will help to cover any permeable surfaces of the wood.

Once the topcoat has been applied, in any colour you choose, your new fire door is ready to be installed.

Why choose a white primed fire door from Doors&More?

Doors&More understands that every home is unique, which makes our primed white internal doors perfect for customising with your own personal touch.

One coat needed

With one coat of paint, you can have beautifully finished doors that are primed for interior installation. This means less time spent between delivery and hanging them up!


Whatever your preferred style, our primed white internal doors are the perfect choice if you want to add a custom finish for that final touch. With a range of styles available, it has never been easier to find the right fire door for any property.

Low maintenance

With our primed internal fire doors, it’s easy to keep your internal door fresh-looking with little effort. Simply painting them will make for an attractive surface that needs washing only once or twice per year!

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