White Primed Fire Doors

Here at Doors & More we stock white fire doors in a variety of timbers. They’re lightweight, durable, and great to look at, and you’ll have several of them to choose from. But one of the greatest strengths of timber is its capacity for customisation – you’ll be able to paint your door just about any colour you like. In this section, you’ll find our white primed internal fire doors. They’ve already coated in a perfectly-even layer of white primer, at factory. This will save you the work of applying the primer yourself, and allow whichever colour you choose for your topcoat to really pop when it’s finished!

All our timber doors are able to withstand considerable shock, and they’re resistant to warping, which makes them a fantastic choice for a fire-door. Sound and heat insulation are, naturally, hugely important, and this is something that the best quality timbers can provide. Through composite design, we can also ensure that our timber doors are able to resist warping, too, which hugely extends their effective lifespan and performance.

Our primer is applied with perfect consistency, and helps strike a great balance between convenience and customisation. You’ll be able to apply a coat of your personal choice of paint to the door, matching it to your interior, and to your personal tastes. Since just about every colour looks better when placed atop a white primer, there’s no reason not to opt for a ready-primed door if you’re intent on painting yours!

If you’re shopping for a fire door, but are struggling to make a decision between oakpinewalnut, or white primed fire doors, then why not get in touch with our team? With years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of all things door-related, they’ll be willing and able to point you in the right direction. Give them a call or pay a visit to our online contact form.

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