LPD are a Leeds-based manufacturer who have been in the business of quality doors for more than thirty-five years.  During this time they’ve continually raised their own standards for design and innovation – a fact to which their existing range certainly testifies!  Their creations are tailored to suit the widest possible variety of tastes, and so you’re sure to find something to suit yours here.

Throughout their history, LPD have imported and distributed both internal and external doors, and so you’ll find both varieties here. They’ve put a significant amount of care and effort into product development, and stand at the forefront of cutting-edge door design. Or, to put it another way, LPD doors are quite unlike those produced by any other manufacturer!


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LPD’s range includes both ordinary panelled doors, and folding ones which consist of two or more panels attached to the same hinge.  Among the latter are especially narrow panels, designed to fit a folding door over a storage cupboard or other smaller doorway.

The Choice is Yours

Our range of LPD doors is as varied as it is stunning. You’ll find everything from interior doors to french doors and much more.

Internal Doors

LPD interior doors glazed doors are both beautiful and durable. From the contemporary design of the industrial Manhattan to traditional oak panel doors, there’s a style to suit your home.

You can choose glazed doors if you want to let the light into your home or solid oak doors for their warmth and charm. There’s sure to be some internal doors you’ll love.

Their commodity essentials are ideal for the trade professional, whilst solid core LPD doors are perfect for homeowners. LPD internal doors combine quality and affordability, leaving nothing to be desired.

Fire Doors

If you need that extra level of protection, LPD fire doors won’t disappoint. You’ll find FD30 fireproof doors among our selection, – perfect for settings where fireproofing is a special concern, but where you don’t want to compromise on the look of the room.

External Doors

An LPD door could be just what you need for the exterior of your property too. Discover French doors, designed to open out onto your balcony or patio. You’ll even find garage doors among the items listed here – meaning that the entire home is catered for.

Styles & Finishes

The doors you’ll find in this section also come in a wide range of materials, styles, and finishes. They come with countless different styles of glazing, so whether you’re looking for horizontal or vertical stripes, small panels, larger panels, many panels or just one – you’ll find something to match your tastes on these pages.

The materials used include hardwoods and softwoods, metals and composites. Among the quality woods available here are oaks, pines, redwoods and walnuts – each of which has their own unique look and feel.

You’ll also find a variety of different finishes, including both the classic white, a coat of wax that’ll bring the best from the underlying wood, and no finish at all – so that you’ll be able to apply your own coat of paint, of the colour of your choosing.  With just a little bit of regular maintenance, each of these doors will retain its superior looks long into the future – and this is in no small part down to the quality of craftsmanship and experience that LPD are able to offer.

An Assurance of Quality

LPD’s commitment to producing consistently superior products, year after year, also extends to other aspects of their business, like customer support.  Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be able to benefit from their dedicated and knowledgeable sales team – whose feedback is in turn used to create even better products. You can be sure, then, that you’ll be in good hands once you’ve chosen LPD.

We stock hundreds of different doors from LPD, and so whatever your circumstances, taste and budget, you’ll find something to match them among the items listed here. Why not take a look through right now?

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