Bifold Doors

Premium internal and external bifold doors offered in a range of styles, materials and finishes at affordable prices

Here at Doors & More, we are bifold door specialists, offering a vast selection of premium timber, UPVC and aluminium doors at affordable prices. Bifold doors are an innovative door design providing many benefits to homeowners. From space saving designs to transparent natural light sources, bifold doors have been a welcomed solution to many properties over the last few decades.

At Doors & More we stock both internal and external bifold doors in both modern and traditional designs. From oak full framed bifolds in a single configuration to 6-door glass panelled systems, we stock an assortment of styles, materials and finishes. Whether you’re sourcing doors for a new build or renovating an older property you will be sure to find something to suit in our range.

Internal bifold doors allow you to utilise space in whatever way you desire. From opening rooms to create a larger space to dividing rooms to create a more intimate effect. One consistent feature that makes them versatile for use around the home is their space saving nature. They take up less room that other door types making them a suitable option for everything from rooms to wardrobes. 

Our range of internal bifold doors features a variety of hardwood and softwood timbers. Offering stunning designs, various finish, increased thermal performance it’s easy to understand why they are one of the most popular modern door options for homeowners alike.

Stunning range of designs offer something for everyone

Optimum energy efficiency lowers heating costs

Allows more natural light to flow throughout your rooms.

Can be used to open/divide rooms and living space as and when required

The opportunity to let natural light and air flow into your home, while allowing you to marvel at the great outdoors is one that many homeowners are deciding to take. External bifold doors let allow you to bring the outdoors in and it’s a proven hit for boasting your mood and wellbeing.

Our external bifold doors come in a range of materials so you can choose the best option for you. All offer enhanced thermal efficiency and security measures, along with being easy to clean and low maintenance.

Allows natural light and air into your home

Thermally broken doors prevent heat loss

Little maintenance and easy to clean

Instant access to your garden

Things To Consider When Buying Bifold Doors:


Internal or External

Internal and external doors have different qualities that makes them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. You can’t use internal bifolds outside as they’d be lacking so it’s important you shop via the correct range. You can learn more about our ranges above.


Ensuring you find bifold doors that fit your door frames is crucial. When shopping our products you will find a variety of standard sizes for each product along with the configurations to help you find the correct doors.


We stock timber, aluminium and UPVC bifold doors, of which there are a variety of options to choose from. Our timber bifolds are offered in a variety of hardwood and softwood options including modern engineered timber options.


Some people prefer to paint and finish their doors themselves, especially for the interiors, so they match the doors to their existing décor. Equally some prefer to buy their bifolds ready to hang. Our bifold doors have optional unfinished, primed or finished status so you can decide what suits you the best.


You make your house a home by putting your own stamp on it. Choosing the paint colours, wallpaper patterns, furniture and furnishings. And it’s no different with your doors. You have the image in your mind as to what you’re looking for so we’re proud to offer an assortment of styles to suit all tastes.


Our external doors have multi locks systems and enhanced security measures. Our bifold doors are just as safe as any other door type so you won’t have to worry about trespassing when shopping with us.

Thermal efficiency

Our doors all feature great U values so you can lock out the cold and keep the warmth inside.


Our doors are double glazed and come with clear and frosted glass options.

Building Regulations

Our doors meet all the necessary building regulations and are manufactured to the highest standard.


Are Bifold Doors Right For Your Home?


Bifold doors are one of the most recommended space saving doors on the market. Folding back concertina style you don’t have to worry about doors sticking out if you only have a small entrance. They take up half the amount of space as other door options.

While bifold doors are great space saving solutions they are often used for larger entrances and openings. Bifold doors present you with the best of both worlds when it comes to interior design. Opening the doors allows you to blend two rooms into one, while closing allows you to divide living areas as and when required. Their versatile use is advantageous for various reasons.

One of the greatest benefits of bifold doors is that they let natural light flow throughout your home. Natural light improves your mood but also helps save on the electricity bills. And when used externally you also benefit from increased ventilation when the doors are open as that fragrant fresh breeze gently soars in.

Aside from the practical reasonings, many people choose bifold doors for their stunning low maintenance nature. And bifold doors can be as small as a single door entrance. They offer something for everyone but if in doubt take a look at our stunning range and feel free to ask any questions.