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The door is a technology with many different functions.  It’s there to prevent heat from flowing from one side to another, thereby preventing excessive energy expenditure.  It’ll also form a barrier that will deter would-be burglars and other unwanted intruders.  It’ll allow you some privacy when you’re washing, getting changed, studying or sleeping.  And a quality interior door will also have some aesthetic value, helping to tie a room together visually.

But there’s one function of a door that’s often overlooked, and that’s its ability to contain fire.  If a fire should start in your home, you’ll want the blaze to spread as slowly as possible.  This will help buy valuable time for you to get yourself and anyone else who might be living in your house out of the building.

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We’ve compiled this easy to understand guide to fire door regulations. Here, we’ll attempt to provide definitive answers to your most frequently asked questions.

A fire door is one that’s specifically designed to do this effectively.  They can be placed throughout your property, dividing the entire building into compartments and thereby providing its occupants with time to escape.  Fire doors form part of a building’s passive fire protection system – and they play as important a role as active components like smoke alarms.  Your building’s planning regulations will dictate which doors will need to be fire doors.

Before they’re shipped, a given model of fire door must be subjected to a special test of its efficacy.  During this test, the door is equipped with all the same frames, seals and hardware.  To replicate the results of this test in the real world, then, a door must be kitted out with these same components.

FD30 Rated Fire Doors

Fire doors are rated according to the length of time they’ll hold a fire at bay.  You can glean this information from the code attached to the door.  ‘FD20’ describes a fire door that will repel a blaze for twenty minutes before failing, while ‘FD30’ will hold one back for thirty minutes.  The fire doors we sell are all rated for thirty minutes.  Of course, in the real world, these lengths of time might vary – especially if there’s some inconsistency in the way they’ve been installed.  That’s why proper installation is essential.

The main point of vulnerability for any door is the gap between its edge and those of the surrounding frame.  Hot air might be able to pass through these gaps, heating the door more quickly and causing it to fail sooner.  Intumescent seals help to combat this.  They’re special kinds of seals which expand in response to heat, forming a tight barrier through which hot air can’t pass.

Solid & Glazed Fire Doors

The doors you see here are designed to repel fire, and match the rest of the internal doors you’ll find on this site.  We stock both solid fire doors and glazed fire doors so you get the function without having to sacrifice on your decor.

When shopping for a fire door, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve taken the best possible advice – and that’s something we’re able to offer.  If you’re at all unsure about the options, then be sure to get in touch with us before making a purchase – and we’ll endeavour to clear up any confusion!


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