Fire Doors

A fire-rated door isn’t only available for public or commercial buildings. Many homeowners are installing internal fire doors to keep everybody staying at or visiting their home as safe as possible.

Our interior fire door range includes various styles, so whether you’re looking for a 4-panel internal fire door with glazing or something solid for added privacy, you’re sure to find something you’ll love whatever your tastes.
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Fire Doors

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What Is A Fire Door?

A fire door is one that’s specifically designed to do this effectively.  They can be placed throughout your property, dividing the entire building into compartments and thereby providing its occupants with time to escape during an emergency.  Fire doors form part of a building’s passive fire protection system – and they play as important a role as active components like smoke alarms.  Your building’s planning regulations will dictate which doors will need to be fire doors.

Before they’re shipped, a given model of fire door must be subjected to a special test of its efficacy.  During this test, the door is equipped with all the same frames, seals and hardware.  To replicate the results of this test in the real world, then, these fire doors must be kitted out with these same components.

Fire Door Rating

Fire doors are rated according to the length of time they’ll hold a fire at bay.  You can glean this information from the code attached to the door. The ‘FD’ rating describes how long it will stop a fire from spreading in minutes. Of course, in the real world, these lengths of time might vary – especially if there’s some inconsistency in the way they’ve been installed.  That’s why getting them fitted correctly is essential.

The main point of vulnerability for any door is the gap between its edge and those of the surrounding frame.  Hot air might be able to pass through these gaps, heating the door more quickly and causing it to fail sooner.  Intumescent seals help to combat this.  They’re special kinds of seals which expand in response to heat, forming a tight barrier through which hot air can’t pass.

FD30 Fire Rated Doors

‘FD30′ describes a fire door that will repel a blaze for thirty minutes before failing. This type of fire-rated door is the most popular choice of fire door picked by UK residents as it generally provides enough time to get to safety.

FD60 Fire Rated Doors

For ultimate fire protection, our FD60 fire doors act as fire breaks for an hour. This option is generally recommended where it typically takes longer to leave a building, for example, in large commercial buildings and high-rise apartment blocks.

Legal Requirement

Commercial buildings

Of all settings, commercial buildings have the strictest regulations when it comes to having internal fire doors fitted. Current regulation stipulates that fire-rated doors have to be used on all communal corridors and stairways. The reason for this is it prevents flames from blocking suitable fire exits which people would use to escape the fire.

Domestic Dwellings

Multi-apartment residences are required by law to fit fire-rated front doors or any other door that leads to a communal area. This helps to protect other properties and allows those in the apartment and their neighbours to get to safety.

In houses and bungalows, current obligations to fit fire doors are minimal. Any new build with two or more storeys, including dormer bungalows, need fire doors in every habitable room; this means they aren’t needed in bathrooms and cupboards.

Just because internal fire doors aren’t a legal requirement for many domestic homes, it doesn’t mean though that they are not recommended. Within the home, kitchens, garages, and anywhere with an open fireplace are rooms you should consider having fire doors on. This is because they are the most likely places for a fire to start.

Fire Door Styles

We stock fire doors in a large range of various styles, materials, and designs to suit you. Only the highest quality materials are used to ensure your safety without the need to compromise on the look. Whether you’re after a traditional or modern style, we have the one for you within our range. Whichever design you pick, you can be rest assured of its high performance and competitive price.

Glazed Internal Fire Doors

Internal fire doors with glass can make a lovely addition to any home, blending safety with style. Our current range includes both clear and frosted glass with various sizes of glass to suit your space. All glass used within our fire doors is toughened and reinforced to block any fire from getting through in the same way the wider door does.

Fire Door Materials

All materials within our collection have been specifically chosen to keep you secure in style. With so many choices, it will be impossible to resist falling in love with at least some of the doors available.

Our vast range includes popular hardwood and softwood materials including oak, walnut, ash, and pine. Each one has its unique beauty that can suit both modern and traditional spaces.

If you’re thinking of adding paint, varnish, or wax to any of the fire door surrounds, it is worth checking if it is suitable for use as some of them may also compromise its real-world fire rating.

Here To Support You

With a wide selection of fire ratings, designs, and styles, we appreciate picking the right one from our range might be tough. If you’re at all unsure about which one is right for you, then be sure to get in touch with us before making a purchase – and we’ll endeavour to provide further information and give the support you require!

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