Sliding Doors

Browse our stunning selection of sliding doors. Presenting stunning views of the outside sliding doors are a fantastic external door option. We have both uPVC and aluminium designs to choose from, both of which are priced affordably and come with great guarantees. We have multiple colour options, including white, grey and black, to suit different home styles. We have smaller sizes for 5ft wide entrances to larger 15ft openings. Shop the selection below but should you need any assistance don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sliding Doors

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What are sliding doors?

Sliding doors feature two glass panels, one of which is fixed and the other panel opens by sliding back behind the fixed panel.

Sliding doors or bifold doors?

Firstly, sliding doors and external bifold doors open in different ways so that is a consideration that will evoke different responses from different homeowners as to preference. Bifold doors open wider than sliding doors as with sliding doors half of the door doesn’t open. Bifold doors fold all the way back on themselves.

Both sliding doors are bifold doors are used on wider door frames and both offer extremely great views of the outdoors as both designs are purely glass surrounded by their frames. Both sliding doors and bifold doors let a large amount of light and fresh air into the home and this provides great health benefits.

The benefits of sliding doors is very much similar to that of bifold doors but the opening style is the main difference and deciding factor for homeowners.

Benefits of sliding doors

  • Space saving doors. They don’t open inwards or outwards so their sliding style is beneficial for many homeowners.
  • Energy efficient. Sliding doors can offer great energy efficiency keeping homes cool in warm weather and warm during colder months.
  • Safe and secure. Toughened shatterproof safety glass makes these doors highly secure for your home.
  • Maximum light flow. Sliding doors offer amazing views of your exterior and the style of these doors lets natural light ooze into your home.
  • There’s no doubt that sliding doors bring style to your home. They are a modern favourite all types of home.
  • Easy to open. They just slide back with no messing about. Perfect for when the clouds clear and you want to make the most of the seconds in the sun.

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