Deanta is a company with more than two decade’s experience in the door industry.  And before that, they’ve another thirty years dealing with the building industry.  Over the course of their history, they’ve striven to be as forward-thinking, innovative and revolutionary as possible – and you’ll see evidence of that among the internal doors you see listed here.  In this section of the site, you’ll find doors which come with glazing, and those which come without.  You’ll find finished doors, white doors, and unfinished ones which can be painted in whichever colour you like.

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Customers are also a valuable part of Deanta’s approach to their business.  They maintain a high standard of customer care, providing support and welcoming feedback.  That’s how they’ve built their glowing reputation!

Deanta Interior Doors

Choose from a variety of styles and finishes to get exactly the right look for your home. From oak to walnut doors, traditional to modern designs, there’s a Deanta door to suit your tastes.

We stock unfinished doors so you can paint or stain to match your decor. You can also find a range of pre finished doors that make fitting quick and easy.

The Deanta internal doors you see here come equipped with exceptionally generous lippings of 18mm on every side.  This offers plenty of room for hinges to be fitted without interfering with the core of the door.  What’s more, it means that there’s lots of room for resizing, should any be required.

Each door comes with either an oak or walnut veneer, giving it the appearance of a solid hardwood door while retaining all of the economic and environmental advantages of a veneer.  Moreover, each comes with an open-grain finish which ensures that each door has that unmistakable and desirable ‘real timber’ look.

Fire Doors

Fire safety is key for Deanta, so many of their stylish doors are also available with a fire rating. Look for FD30 rated doors and you can be assured of Certifire accreditation.

Quality & Sustainability

As well as ensuring that the wood looks the part and is responsibly sourced, Deanta doors also take pains to ensure that the glass they use in their glazed doors is toughened, and manufactured in such a way that it’s easy to maintain and clean.  After all, there’s little point in having a gleaming glass panel if it won’t stay that way!  If you’re looking for a door that’ll leave an impression on your home, then be sure to consider the range of options you’ll find on this page.

Part of Deanta’s commitment to innovation is a passion for environmental issues, and a desire to produce doors in a manner which minimally impacts the environment.  All of the timber used to create the doors you see here is FSC certified, as are the packing materials Deanta use to ship it.  The company is also a certified member of the Timber Trade Federation, an organisation which imposes standards of behaviour on its members.  You can be assured, then, that Deanta meet the required standard.

Deanta take great pains to remind their customers, staff and employees of their commitment to leaving the world in a better condition than they found it.  They source their timber directly, never going through third parties, which means that each and every door they create is built from responsibly-sourced wood.

Since Deanta build their doors on their own premises, they’re afforded control over every aspect of the manufacturing process.  Their team of skilled craftsmen make use of cutting-edge technology which helps to ensure that the finished product is consistently exceptional.  The quality control is rigorous, which is why they’re able to offer a ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee on every door they create.

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