Composite Front & Back Doors

Composite doors are affordable yet hardwearing. No wonder composite exterior doors are popular with homeowners and tradespeople alike.
At Doors & More you’ll find external composite doors at super competitive prices. The resilience and style of composite front and back doors adds to their appeal.

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Composite Front & Back Doors

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When you’re looking for a secure, durable and energy-efficient door, picking a new composite door is an obvious choice.

Contemporary composite doors offer all the benefits of timber and UPVC doors one combined. They are among the most secure you can buy, and are so stylish they add instant kerb appeal to any home.

The wide range of colours available, along with their attractive wood grain texture means they fit perfectly with all house designs, from traditional cottage to period properties or even modern new builds.

What is a composite door?

External composite doors are a modern door construction made by fusing together a range of materials under high-pressure conditions. Many composite doors have a glass reinforced plastic (GRP) outer coating that provides the utmost protection against the elements.

External composite doors have all the benefits of their component materials. They are impressively thermally efficient and secure, but they also have a high-quality appearance. They come in a wide range of colours and designs and last up to 35 years.

Whilst wooden doors, steel doors and upvc doors bring you the benefits of one type of material, composites combine the best parts of many materials to give you a high-performance door.

Are composite doors better than uPVC?

If you picture a flimsy-looking white plastic door when you think of a composite door, you’re thinking of the wrong type of front door!

UPVC front doors are made entirely of plastic. This helps them provide some energy efficiency and security at a very low cost. However, they can also look very cheap. They are mainly available in white, appear lightweight and come complete with an unmistakable plasticky sheen.

In contrast, an external composite door sparkles with quality. The engineered composite material gives a heavyweight appearance, with a woodgrain finish, that is far more attractive than your standard UPVC front door.

Why choose a composite external door from Doors & More?

A composite front door is an excellent choice for your home. They are increasingly popular because they need little maintenance, provide durability and keep your home safe. We think you’ll be impressed by the many benefits composite doors have to offer.


Perhaps your highest concern when choosing a front door is security. You need a front door that will keep out intruders, preferably convincing them to not even try to get in.

Composite doors are robust and highly secure. Their dense material won’t break or shatter under pressure, and it is too solid to easily manipulate or manoeuvre.

Fit strong locking mechanisms to your composite door and you won’t need to worry about intruders. No one will be able to get in uninvited.


Composite doors are made under a high-pressure, high-temperature process to create an incredibly robust and durable door.

Unlike standard solid wood doors, a composite door can’t warp or swell. Unlike a UPVC one, it won’t crack or split. These are doors that are built to last and most composite doors have a life expectancy of 35 years or more. They really are the gold standard of external doors.

Also, their laminated finish will stop the colour of a composite door from fading or changing over the years, even when fitted in direct sunlight.


Another benefit of the laminated surface of a composite door is that it’s so low maintenance.

You won’t need to oil, varnish or treat the door in any way to keep it looking good or functioning well. It’s easy to clean, with mud, dirt and grime washing off the surface of a composite door easily – no elbow grease needed.


A composite external door will never be the cheapest option. However, they are available at a range of different price points. When you consider how long they last, how good they look, and the money they can save over the long term, a composite front door can actually be a surprisingly reasonable and budget-friendly choice.

Energy efficient

If security is the most important thing most people look for in a front door, thermal efficiency needs to be the second.

The density of a solid timber core composite door makes it impressively energy-efficient. The cold will be shut out, and your expensively supplied hot air will be kept in.

Composite doors: external door styles

As well performing brilliantly, our composite front doors are also attractive enough to give your home bags of kerb appeal. You can choose from timber, Medite Tricoya and GRP composite.

They are available in a fantastic range of composite door styles and designs. We have doors in many colours, from dramatic dark blues and greens, to eye-catching reds and elegant black composite.

We have composite door designs with glazed panels to allow natural light into your home. Frosted glass, clear glass, and leaded designs are all available with tempered, toughened glass to keep your home secure as well as bright.

Just choose the right door hardware to complete your look. From chrome, brass, black or brushed stainless steel, different materials will finish your door in a variety of ways. There’s sure to be a new door to suit your home in our range of composite doors.

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