Oak Fire Doors

Combining legendary durability with winning aesthetics, oak is a popular choice of material for a variety of home furnishings, and fire doors are no exception. On this page, you’ll find our selection of oak fire doors. Each door has been hand-picked by our team for its sturdy, reliable, heat-efficient, construction and fantastic finish.

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Oak trees take a long time to grow, since the fibres from which they’re built are packed tightly together. This results in considerable strength for the resultant timber, and thus you can be sure that an oak door won’t fail after being manhandled one too many times. Another benefit of this hardiness is that it’ll insulate well; keeping both sound and heat happily partitioned.

Our engineered oak doors can withstand warping over the years, thanks to the composition of the interior. By incorporating many different lengths of wood whose grains run in different directions, and a few extra metal and plastic parts, too, we’re able to guard against warping, and ensure that your door remains the same shape as the aperture. As a result, the door won’t get stuck, and pesky draughts won’t have a chance to form.

Oak doors, like all timber doors, can be easily customised. With a coat of your choice of primer and paint, you’ll be able to utterly transform the look of the door. Alternatively, you might opt for a natural, transparent finish to flatter the underlying grain.

If you’re interested in our oak fire doors, but aren’t quite sure of how to proceed, then why not get in touch and ask us directly? Our knowledgeable, friendly team will address your queries and make appropriate recommendations. You can contact them either using our contact form, or via the phone.

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