FD60 Fire Doors

FD60 Fire Doors provide a minimum of 60 minutes resistance to fire. We have FD60 fire doors available in a range of styles and finishes, including oak, ash, walnut and white primed. These fire doors match the equivalent standard door designs and finishes, so if you need to install a fire door in your property, you can select the same design and finish for consistency.

We stock a range of FD60 doors from Deanta, LPD, Premdor and XL Joinery.

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Fire Resistance
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FD60 fire doors provide a minimum of 60 minutes protection from fire, significantly more than the 30 minutes offered by FD30 rated doors. Fire doors are designed to play a part in fire compartmentation, restricting a fire to one “compartment” in a building such as one flat in a block of flats, giving the occupants vital time to escape.

FD60 fire doors are most commonly used in larger buildings, where the higher occupancy means that more time is required to evacuate everyone in the event of a building fire. It is important that fire doors are correctly fitted and that the associated parts and fittings also meet the necessary standards.


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