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Welcome the sunshine into your home with gorgeous glass front and back doors! Glazed external doors are also a great way to create a bright and uplifting atmosphere in any space.

Here at Doors & More we love giving you choice! Pick the style of glass that best suits you – clear, frosted, or leaded, with a minimum of double glazing for security and thermal efficiency. Then pair it with one of our modern and classic door designs for the perfect look.
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If you’d like to increase the amount of natural flowing into your home, a glazed exterior door could be the solution. Even a small glass panel will add a little more life to your hallways, while a half-glazed door can let the light flood in without the hassle of reconfiguring your windows.

Are glazed doors secure?

Many people worry that installing an exterior door with a glass panel will compromise the security of their home.

However, modern glass construction methods mean that glass can be reinforced and strengthened to withstand heavy impacts or breakage attempts. With the correct glass installed, a glazed door won’t pose any security risk to your home.

To ensure your house is as secure as possible, we always recommend installing a deadlock that conforms to Building Standard 3621 on your doors too.

Safe, secure and efficient glazed external doors

Installing a glazed exterior door is no longer a choice of style over substance. Modern glass and door construction mean you can trust a glazed external door to offer security and efficiency to your home, and it no longer has to be a choice of compromise.

Energy-efficient glazing

All of our doors have at least double-glazed glass panels in them. This ensures they are still able to hold your heated air inside your home and keep the cold out.

The high-quality construction of our doors also means that the fitting of the panels and the seals increase that thermal efficiency, and won’t leak any air.

Toughened or tempered glass for security

As well as using multi-layer glazing, the glazed panels in our doors feature safety glass.

This is glass that has been engineered to be the strongest, safest possible. Toughened glass can withstand high levels of force and will hold its shape or shatter safely if it is somehow broken.

Solid Timber Lipping

Our external doors come in a variety of sizes to suit most standard doorframes and openings. But if your doorway is a little more awkward or unusual, all our doors feature a solid timber lipping so they can also be trimmed down to size.

Decorative and Efficient Glazing Options

All our glazed external doors are robust, secure and efficient. To keep our doors available to everyone, we have a range of options and designs that you can consider depending on your budget, style and other requirements.

Double Glazed External doors

The minimum level of glazing we recommend for use in an external door is double-glazing. This is why you won’t find anything less than double in any of our glazed doors.

Triple Glazed External doors

Our preferred level of glazing will always be triple. The extra layer really supports the energy efficiency of the door, as far less hot air can pass through it.

This is a choice that may cost a little more at the outset but it will make a big dent in your bills forever.

Frosted Glazing External doors

The idea of having clear glass panels showing into your hallway can feel exposing. We offer a number of our glazed doors with frosted glass panels to help you protect your privacy while still letting the sunshine into your home.

Leaded and decorative glass External doors

If you want glazed doors with an added wow factor, a leaded or decorative glass design might be for you.

Unglazed External doors

If you have a particular glazing type in mind, or would like to feature reclaimed orstained glass, we even have unglazed doors that you can choose from.

Plenty of design choices

We want you to find a glazed external door that isn’t just a practical choice to let the sun soak in. This is why we offer glazed doors in a wide selection of designs, to help you find a door that speaks to you.


Finished doors are ready to hang as soon they arrive which saves you additional time and resources. This is a great option if you are already happy with the look of the door and are just eager to get it hanged, such as our Hardwood M&T Harrow door.


If you want to make sure your door is perfectly suited to your home, an unfinished door will be the perfect choice. Unfinished doors require more time and effort as they need to be painted, waxed or varnished before they’re able to be hanged but it does mean your door will look exactly as you imagine.

Get in touch with us

We know that choosing the right external door for your home is a big choice, it’s the first thing guests will notice about your home and helps keep you safe. So, if after looking through our range of glazed external doors you still have a few questions, our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help.

You can find out the best way to get in touch with our team by visiting our contact page.

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