Internal White Glazed Doors

For a clean and neutral look, you can’t go wrong with internal white glazed doors. Suited to both traditional and modern abodes, our white glass doors works well in any home.

White doors with glass inserts are one of the best options for maximising room light levels. The glass enables rooms to share light, with the white surround amplifying the light. It’s time to brighten those unwanted dark spaces by choosing glazed white doors.
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Internal White Glazed Doors

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Benefits of Internal Glazed Doors

Interior glass doors offer so many benefits for your home. Internal doors with glass improves natural light flow between areas, creating a spacious feeling. This makes it our top choice for those wanting to have a classic open-plan scheme in their home.

For the optimum open-plan look, you cannot go wrong with glazed French doors with white door frames to lead from one room to another. As white naturally reflects light, it makes a space feel even brighter and thus feels more open.

One of the other many benefits of interior glazed doors is the ability to improve overall visibility. This is especially useful for living areas where you want to communicate with the rest of the family easily.

Internal Glazed Door Options

Clear glazed doors

Clear glass doors are the go-to choice for communal areas. They offer flexible living, with the light being allowed to flood hallways, living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms with ease.

Frosted glass doors

Looking for a glazed door for a bedroom or bathroom? If so, look no further than our wide selection of frosted glazed doors as they suit the privacy needed in these spaces, without blocking out light.

Fire Doors With Safety Glass

Choosing the protection of fire doors shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on having more light in your home. All glazed fire doors at Doors & More feature toughened safety glass. This means that the glass will block the fire in line with the rating of the door frame.

Internal White Glass Doors & Door Frame Styles


Considering the material underneath the white paint is important, as it can bring extra character to door frames. In our softwood range, the knotty pine peaks through the paint to reveal its unique styles. However, our a popular choice is our engineered oak veneer doors in white as they have added strength and are long lasting. These feature a solid core, with premium oak wood overlaid and finished off with white paint to create a beautiful classic door.

Glazing Sizes

Our range features glass panels in various sizes to suit your needs and style. From modest panelled glass to half glazed internal doors and fully glazed doors, you’ll find it all here.

Deciding on which internal glass door to choose depends on the impact you want it to have. For rooms without windows or in north facing rooms, opting for larger panels could be the best choice for you, so natural light can flood into the room.

UK’s Leading Brands

All of the white internal glass doors within our collection are hand selected to ensure that you receive the best quality internal doors available. We work with some of the UK’s leading door manufacturers including XL Joinery and JB Kind who share our ethos of providing doors that are built to last.

Why Choose Our White Internal Glazed Doors?

Pairing up white paint with internal glazed doors creates a refreshing and contemporary feeling in any home. As white reflects the light more than bare wooden doors, it is a sure fire way to brighten even the darkest of spaces.

All of our white glazed interior doors already come primed and pre finished. This means as soon as they arrive you don’t have to worry about adding paint, varnish, or wax to them as they are ready to hang. Therefore, you just enjoy the crisp white finish sooner.

As well as being available in a range of standard sizes, our doors have a variety of lipping options so you can adjust your door size as needed. This can help save you money as rather than having one specifically made, we can get it to fit bespoke sizes.

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Whatever question you have, our experienced customer service team will always be more than happy to help. You can visit our contact page to find out the best way to get in touch with us.

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