Chrome Door Handles

Chrome door handles are extremely popular as the finishing touch for internal doors. Perhaps due to their easy maintenance, resistance to corrosion and more.

At Doors and More, we stock a wide range of chrome door handles in different styles, whether you’re looking for a lever with sharp, straight edges, or softer curves, there’s plenty to choose from when you shop with us.

Chrome Door Handles

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Chrome door handles of varying colours

Whether you want a pure polished chrome finish or something with a little embellishment like a satin rose, there’s something for all tastes. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the options:

Black chrome

These are mostly chrome with a flourish of black thrown in to make a statement. We particularly love this Breadsall Handle Pack, which will work really well on bathroom doors.

If you love black chrome then we highly recommend that you also check out our range of satin black and chrome handles

Grey polished chrome

The industrial grey colouring perfectly suits chrome door handles. The straight edges on the Oro Oro Handle Pack add to the vibe, oozing elegance and luxury. This would make the perfect choice in a more modern aesthetic.

Polished chrome and satin nickel

If you choose satin nickel you’re selecting one of the most durable finishes available, so it’s a good thing that the range here is so stunning.

It has more of a traditional vibe to it, perfect if you’re matching it with time-honoured decor.

Satin chrome

We also have options that come with a Satin finish Rose, promising a luxurious finish at a competitive price. These come with locks and thumb turns, promising the utmost privacy when being used in your bathroom or en-suite.

Polished chrome

And of course, there’s the option of pure polished chrome, with no other partnership like satin or nickel. One of our favourites is this Magic Chrome Plated Oro Oro Handle Pack, we just love the textured finish.

Buy your chrome door handles at Doors and More

Whether you love the flourish of mix and match materials with a chrome centre, or you’re looking for something with a purely polished chrome finish, you’re spoilt for choice when you shop our beautiful collection of door handles.

When you shop with us, you can rest assured of the quality of the products we stock, only selling items from well known, reputable brands that we know and trust.

All of our door handle packs come with everything you need for easy installation, and each product you click on will provide a list of what’s included.

If you’re upgrading your doors as well as your handles, we recommend purchasing everything together. If your order is more than £750, we will waive the delivery fee.

Browse our collection of fantastically priced handles and buy online for delivery straight to your home address.

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