Walnut Internal Doors

Here you’ll find our fantastic range of walnut internal doors. Designed to make a statement, walnut interior doors are sturdy, stylish and a cost effective way to completely change the look of a room. Check out what’s available in our walnut internal doors range below.

Traditionally a prized wood for cabinetmaking, boat building and musical instrument manufacture, walnut internal doors are now regarded as contemporary and make a great alternative to standard pine doors or white oak veneered when something a little more grandiose is preferred. Manufactured from American black walnut veneer using a heavyweight composite hardwood core, walnut doors will usually come fully finished and ready to install, making them the perfect no-fuss option when considering your interior design.

Though available in a variety of shades, walnut doors are unmistakable for their rich chocolate brown and fine golden grain. Providing a warming glow in any room, walnut internal doors such as our fully finished Coventry walnut door and Pamplona doors, are particularly suited to modern, light spaces.

As walnut internal doors use real wood veneers, the design possibilities are endless. With linear glazing or aluminium inlays, walnut doors are manufactured to make a real style statement while remaining functional and hardy.  

Walnut internal doors are available in a variety of sizes to suit your room and are engineered for durability and to emphasise the naturally striking appearance of the grain. Walnut doors are most often engineered rather than solid timber so that the grain of the wood can be alternated, eliminating any possibility of warping or splitting.

As American black walnut is highly durable and naturally resistant to decay, it means the door will last for years to come with a minimal amount of maintenance and it also gives you full flexibility when it comes to the style and design.

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