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The right set of doors can make a big difference in your home, in a number of ways.  Internal doors are essential for those who value privacy.  External doors prevent intruders from gaining access to your home, and prevent heat from escaping it.  A closed door will also help to stop noise from flowing through your home – which might be essential if you’re trying to concentrate when loud music is playing elsewhere in the house.  Finally, fire doors  are designed to slow the flow of fire from one area of your house to another – thereby ensuring that you’ve got the time you need to get out of the building safely.

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Doors come in a myriad of different sizes, shapes and configurations.  There are the ordinary outward-opening doors; there are double-doors; there are sliding doors; and there are even folding, sliding doors which offer a great visual centrepiece for your home.  The sort you opt for will usually depend on the makeup of the existing building.

Then there are the different glazing options, each of which might have a profound effect on the way the finished door looks.  A door that’s equipped with plenty of glazing will help to disperse light through your home, and create the illusion of space.  If privacy is an issue, such as in the case of a bathroom, then you might opt for frosted glass, which will allow light to enter a room without causing problems.

The doors we sell are built in many different ways.  There are solid wood doors, and there are engineered ones which combine a core made from many different pieces of wood, surrounded by a veneer of high-quality, attractive hardwood.  Each technology has its merits; solid-wood pieces are sometimes considered more attractive and prestigious, while an engineered door might prove more resistant to the warping effects we might associate with a solid body of wood.

Naturally, with so many different factors to consider when buying a door, there’s plenty of opportunity for confusion.  If you find yourself unable to decide which is best for you, then be sure to get in touch with us – as we’ll happily resolve any confusion.

If you’re looking to invest in a new door (or a new set of doors), but you’d like to do so without spending too much money, then you’ll want to consider the doors in this, our clearance section.  The doors you see here will each be delivered within five working days.  The stock you see listed here will change on a daily basis, so if you’d prefer not to miss out, then you’ll have to act quickly.  By the same token, if you’re looking for more bargains in the future, then you’ll want to keep checking back here in search of them!


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