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Eclisse are a shining beacon when it comes to the home improvement market. Renowned for their cutting-edge sliding pocket door systems that provide a stylish alternative to a standard single door, they’ve been effectively redefining the look and function of interior doors for over three decades.

With 35+ years of expertise to be proud of, Eclisse has completely reshaped the sliding pocket door system, with unparalleled design and performance features to suit any modern home.

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Where Quality & Innovation Matters

Continuously evolving their sliding pocket doors to meet the demands of modern living, Eclisse offer a diverse range of pocket door options including standard, FD30 fire-rated and wiring-ready designs, as well as telescopic, curved, and frameless glass models – ensuring there’s a solution for every need, want and budget. 

Each sliding pocket door system is supplied with everything you need for a smooth install – including the track, screws, easy to follow installation instructions and frame. They’re also backed by a comprehensive 15-year manufacturer’s guarantee from Eclisse for complete peace of mind, as well as supported by over 40 patents.

Eclisse is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of pocket door technology, providing solutions that not only look fabulous, but make better use of accessible space that can truly change lives.

Explore The Eclisse Pocket Door Kit Collection

Perfect for both residential and commercial spaces, the versatility of the Eclisse sliding pocket door system means they easily suit pretty much any setting – whether you’re converting a barn or kitting out a swanky smart home. Here’s what the Eclisse pocket door range has to offer:

Standard Pocket Door Systems 

Offering single door or double door options that seamlessly slide into a wall cavity pocket completely instead of swinging out into a room.

Single pocket door kits in particular are perfect for replacing your existing single door panels to help make the most of smaller areas such as walk-in wardrobes, bathrooms and utility rooms.

FD30 Fire-Rated Pocket Doors

Designed to meet the same fire safety standards as standard hinged doors, a fire-rated sliding pocket door system will provide peace of mind without compromising on style or functionality – they’re also available in single pocket door and double configurations for complete flexibility.

Please be aware that not all fire rated door panels are suitable for use with these systems, please get in touch to find out which ones are compatible.

Wiring-Ready Pocket Door Kits

Featuring integrated wiring channels, Eclisse wiring-ready systems allow for the seamless integration of electrical components, such as switches, sensors and lighting – eliminating the need for additional building work after installation.

Telescopic Pocket Doors 

With multiple overlapping door panels that slide effortlessly into a finished wall, a telescopic pocket door system offers a wider opening than standard pocket doors. While they do need a somewhat wider wall thickness, they’re especially ideal for spaces where improved accessibility is essential.

Curved Pocket Doors

If you’re planning something a little different, curved pocket door kits from Eclisse really can set your home apart from the rest.

The curved sliding pocket door system is designed for non-standard settings as these systems feature curved tracks and frames, making them a real statement piece in a living space.

Frameless Glass Pocket Doors 

Sometimes a door with a frame just isn’t right for the setting it’s in, this is where the frameless Eclisse system steps up.

Unlike other doors that require a frame, they’re perfect for making the absolute most of light flow between rooms and creating an ultra modern look.

When fitting flush pull handles so nothing about the door protrudes, a frameless glass pocket door is ideal for minimalist interiors where it’s all about creating a light and airy living area with a sleek, contemporary vibe.

Complete Your Pocket Door Project with Accessories and Hardware

Our range of Eclisse pocket door accessories and hardware, including handles, locks, soft-close mechanisms and installation kits, ensures perfect integration and optimal performance of your pocket door system.

Reinvent Your Space with Eclisse

Eclisse pocket door systems offer the perfect blend of innovation, quality and versatility, making them the preferred choice for architects, designers and homeowners across the UK & Europe. 

Whether you’re renovating your home or embarking on a new build project, an Eclisse system provides the solutions you need to completely transform your space.

For expert guidance on selecting the right sliding pocket door system for your project, or if you need some delivery or installation advice, contact our team today.

Let Eclisse be the perfect partner for creating functional, stylish interiors that inspire.


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