Looking for an alternative to internal French doors but have limited space? Look no further than our range of internal bifold doors. 

Interior design is a field which is constantly evolving – and this is no more so than where doors are concerned. Internal bifold doors are one such innovation. Bifold doors consist of a number of panels which fold back onto one another in a concertina arrangement. They are great space saving alternatives compared to internal French doors, and the glazed panels allow you to boast light through your home. Internal bifold doors are a stylish yet practical door solution and we offer a wide variety of options to suit your home. Shop our range below.

Oak is a popular material choice for internal bifold doors. The beauty of the wood grain makes it a stylish option, and the sturdy nature of the wood makes them durable and long lasting. We have a vast selection of options for you to choose from, including an unfinished collection which allows you to add your own personal touch and create the perfect look for your home.

Stunning designs makes them a stylish option.

Offers great insulation and are highly energy efficient.

Oak is a durable material choice, designed to be long lasting.

If you’re looking for a crisp white finish for your doors, look no further than our range of white primed internal doors. The clean white finish will help to illuminate the area where the doors are installed; maximising the natural light that enters the room. For those of you who are keen to add your own personal touch to the finish, our white primed doors provide the perfect base for a pop of colour. The base means that you’ll only need a single coat of paint; reducing drying and fitting time.

Primed already so easier to paint if you wish to do so.

Offers a modern style for your home.

Allows more natural light to flow throughout your rooms.

The NUVU Roomfold internal bifold doors range operates on a top hung track making them easy and more convenient to install. The bifold doors in this range come in a stunning selection of styles and finishes so you will be sure to find something to suit your home. 

Top hung system means no floor track is needed.

Multiple glazed designs to suit all tastes.

Choose from a range of finishes to suit your preference.

We also have a smaller range of single bifold doors, designed to suit smaller openings. You still get the folding design and space saving benefits, plus the stunning design options with our single leaf range.

Space saving benefits.

Multiple glazed designs to suit all tastes.

Choose from a range of finishes to suit your preference.

What are Internal Bifold Doors?

Bifold doors contain a series of door panels that fold back onto each other. They fold in a concertina style and you may have heard them being referred to as concertina doors or folding sliding doors. Internal bifold doors offer a multitude of benefits but they are a solution best suited to larger openings.

They are mainly used for cupboard doors, wardrobes, and in the kitchen and living room. Often they are a way of dividing open plan kitchen and living or kitchen and dining room spaces.


Why Choose Internal Bifold Doors?

Internal bifold doors offer an array of benefits. They are great space saving alternatives for wider openings, they are useful for cutting up open plan living spaces but equally they are also great at creating extra space by allowing you to open a room into another. Internal bifold doors offer you a great degree of flexibility for your living space, much more so than any other door options. They are also a stylish door option, offering an array of aesthetically pleasing designs for your home. The glass panels allow you to let more light flow throughout your home but the transparency of the glass is also useful for peering from one room into the next – perfect for parents.


How to Shop Internal Bifold Doors?

When shopping for internal bifold doors with us, you have a wide range of options. We pride ourselves in having something to suit everyone so here’s a few pointers of things you may want to consider when making your decision.


Our doors come in a range of finishes, from unfinished to finished. Unfinished means they haven’t yet been treated so you have the option to paint them whatever colour you like. This is ideal if you love interior design and want to match them to your existing furnishings. Finished means they have already been painted so they are ready to be hung. You don’t need to do anything; they are the most convenient option.


Our doors come in a variety of size options to cater for different spaces and openings. As your measurements get larger, the more panels you may find in the doors. We recommend you measure your opening to ensure you choose the correct fit.


The bifold door panels come in a variety of options also. You can have full door length glass panels for maximum light, full wood panels for optional privacy, frosted glass to give you privacy but offer a more aesthetically pleasing option, plus there are lots of other decorated framed glass door options. Ultimately the style you choose will based on your own tastes, but you will find a good selection of designs to match your home.


Internal bifold doors fold back onto each other in a concertina style, this is consistent with all bifold doors. However, you do have a choice with the door openings. The door can be on either side of you could have two doors centered, so the appear like French doors in the middle but fold back on both sides. The choice is based purely on personal preference and what feels right for your home.

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