Glazed Fire Doors

Glazed fire doors are a stylish alternative that allow light to flow freely throughout rooms, while still complying with fire safety regulations. If you’ve been looking for fire doors with glass, you’ll find a broad selection of styles in our range to suit different tastes.

Our glass fire doors are FD30 rated and fully compliant and while they are heavier and thicker due to their safeguards, they appear like normal interior glass doors so appearance wise you wouldn’t know the difference. Our glass fire doors have different glazing set ups with both obscure and clear glass available to suit different room needs and preferences, and they are available in a range of finishes and materials.

Fire Doors With Glass

Glass fire doors often raise a lot of questions as the designs are rather modern. Our fire doors feature specialist fire resistant glass that work in the same way as the fire rated door. The glass acts as a barrier to stop smoke and flames spreading throughout the property. To comply with building regulations the glass used in fire doors undergoes specialist tests using a furnace to make sure it can withstand heat and flames. To give you an idea of how the specialist glass compares, a normal glass door won’t cope well exposed to temperatures above 120 degrees but fire rated glass can protect you for up to 60 minutes from temperatures reaching 900 degrees. You can be assured then that fire doors with glass are completely safe and secure to use within buildings and they meet the fire safety regulations.

Fire doors with glass, while safe and fully compliant, are a stylish way to incorporate fire doors within your property. Our fire doors are available in different materials, including popular hardwoods oak and walnut, and feature different levels of thickness to suit different door frames. Our doors are available in the standard door sizes and we have products to suit all budgets. You will also notice from looking at our product range that some doors come unfinished and some are pre-finished. Unfinished doors can be finished yourself while pre-finished doors are ready for installation. The choice is yours but we stock a broad range to suit all needs.

Glazed Fire Doors

Our glass fire doors feature both clear and obscure glazing so you can utilise them in all rooms within your property. Whereas you may prefer glass fire doors due to their style, it isn’t always convenient to have clear glass panels displaying the insides of other rooms. For example obscure glass might be preferable for use in the bedrooms. You still get the benefits of the glass designs but the frosted glass helps maintain privacy. We have a versatile range of styles available to help cover all needs and preferences.

Take a look through our products above but if you need further assistance please feel free to contact us as our team will be more than happy to help with any questions.

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