Glazed Fire Doors

The internal glazed fire doors in our collection include special fire-resistant glass, giving you the best of both worlds – connectivity between rooms and additional fire protection.

All of the internal glazed fire doors in this collection come with an FD30 fire rating, meaning it can block the spread of fire for 30 minutes, giving you valuable time to get everybody out of the house safely. At Doors & More, we have a comprehensive range of glazing options, from large glass panels to smaller vision panels.
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Fire Doors With Glass

If you want to keep your home and family safe in case of fire then there is no better way than with glazed fire doors.

A glazed fire door not only protects you in case of a house fire but also reduces the amount of smoke that enters your home.

When it comes to a glazed internal fire door, you won’t have to compromise on style. We offer many beautiful designs that will only enhance your home. Options like our versatile 4L oak fire door with clear glass offer a timeless look that will fit perfectly with any style of home.

All of our glazed fire doors offer a sleek, stylish look with all the added safety benefits of standard internal fire doors.

Are glazed fire doors safe?

You may think that having a glazed fire door means you are compromising on safety for the added style but this isn’t true. Our glazed fire doors are designed to provide your home with a level of protection against the dangers that come from a house fire. The special fire resistant glass acts as a barrier to stop smoke and flames spreading throughout your home!

Why choose a glazed internal fire door?

You can’t go wrong with a glazed fire door. Not only are they stylish, but these doors offer an extra measure of safety in case you ever need to escape quickly from your home thanks to their heat-resistant glass that will keep flames at bay while also keeping smoke out.

To make the best fire doors, you should only use top-quality materials. To ensure our FD30 Internal Glazed Fire Door meets all fire safety requirements, we use robust engineering techniques that also add value to your home with quality products!


Our glazed fire doors are much thicker and heavier than standard doors, which means they’re more durable. This also makes them less likely to crack or swell that means you can enjoy a longer-lasting door for your home!

High quality

Fire doors are not just about safety. They also have a higher quality look and feel to them than standard doors. The same can be said for our glazed fire door options, which come with sleek designs that will fit right into any building style – no matter how modern or traditional you’re going for.

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He, we'll explore how glazed fire doors balance aesthetics with functionality like no other door can.
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