Black Internal Doors

Modern, classy and striking.

Nothing screams modernity like a fresh black internal door. Incredibly popular among more contemporary home interiors, a black door in your home’s interior can provide a focal point like no other.

Doors&More’s black internal doors range offers more than just traditional style doors. With modern glazing options and the popular panel styles available, these striking internal door alternatives are sure to leave your home looking and feeling stunning.

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Nothing says modernity more than a black internal door. Paired with the correct home decor, especially industrial style decor, your internal living space will be transformed into one of class and luxury.

Offering all the benefits of traditional internal doors, our range of black internal doors bring about a sense of character and allure without compromising on quality.

These durable doors are manufactured to outlast other traditional doors. A new set of black interior doors, with the correct maintenance, can withstand all the toils of your internal living spaces.

Are black interior doors trendy?

In modern and contemporary home decor, white doors can feel a little outdated. In larger entryways that boast a lot of open space, black interior doors provide a dramatic transition between two rooms. Glazed options also help negate the confined nature of black decor, and allow natural light to flow uninterrupted through these entryways, creating an increased sense of class and style.

Hanging your new black door within a white frame can also add some instant luxury to your interior. The white door frames prevent the black door from absorbing too much of the natural light and creates a brighter transition between rooms.

Black interior doors can be paired with almost any neutral home decor style. In fact, in rooms that present a lot of natural hues with little boldness of colour, a black door can balance out the neutral tones.

Why choose internal black doors from Doors&More?


These sleek and elegant internal doors provide a sense of modernity to any home. Whether you’re looking to improve your current home decor or use your new door as a grounding point for a new style, you are sure to find something within our range of black internal doors.


Our entire black internal door range is easy to maintain and even easier to clean on the spot. Black doors are perfect for concealing dirt stains and do not blemish as easily as other doors. This doesn’t mean to say that they don’t need care every once in a while. Clean any excess dirt from the door once or twice a year to uphold your new door’s lifespan.


Though traditional homes may opt for the cheaper 6-panel white internal doors, we at Doors&More believe everybody should be able to experience a sense of modernity. That’s why all of our doors are manufactured with the best of materials yet provided at affordable prices.


The beauty of internal black doors is their ability to complement almost any style of home decor. Whether your home boasts an open-plan feel or a more constricted industrial style, black doors are sure to suit. All of our internal black doors arrive pre-finished, so you don’t have to worry about applying the finishing touch.

Available in a variety of door styles

With a modern style comes more contemporary options. Our black internal doors come in a variety of styles, from more traditional options to unique and exquisite choices. Take our Black Greenwich Glazed door – with unconventional panel arrangements, this glass-prominent door can increase the natural light flow within your property whilst adding a sense of modernity.

Support choosing a black internal door

Feeling a little bit lost? Don’t worry: our sales team will be happy to clear up any confusion and point you in the direction of a door that’s right for you. Fill in our online contact form to speak to one of our team and we’ll help you make a choice that’s right for you.


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