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Get a beautiful door without breaking the bank by choosing Hemlock exterior doors. They are the more affordable answer to oak doors.

Create a grand entrance with one of our magnificent Hemlock front wood doors. There’s loads of different styles to pick from too! Bring extra sunlight into your home with our glazed Hemlock doors. Pick a solid Hemlock wood door for complete privacy, if that’s your thing. Whatever your choice, there’s no compromise on style.
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Our collection of hemlock doors are a wonderful way to bring the appeal of real wood to your home exterior without blowing your budget.

It’s a wonderful wood to work with, and can be sanded down to a silky-smooth finish that blends in beautifully with the decor of most homes. It’s a reliable favourite among builders, carpenters and other tradespeople because it’s easily worked using power tools and grips screws willingly.

Hemlock is also a fantastic wood to paint, as its smooth surface welcomes the paint, making it easy to get a flawless finish.

Our range of hemlock external doors use a hemlock veneer over an engineered core which helps them strike a balance between strength, longevity and affordability.

Is hemlock wood good for external doors?

Hemlock is a great low-cost choice for external doors. It does not have the prestige or the majestic beauty of oak or other hardwood doors, but it does have all the practical benefits. It gives the heavyweight feel of solid wood, without the weighty price tag.

A benefit that is particular to hemlock itself though is that it gets tougher as it gets older. Finish and seal the surface of your door properly, and your hemlock external door will last for years, looking great and keeping your home secure.

Why choose a hemlock external door from Doors&More?

If you’re looking for a low-cost external door, which you can customise to suit your style, our range of hemlock exterior doors will probably have an option to suit you.

Hemlock is fantastic for finishing yourself, as its sleek surface won’t drink in all your paint, while its decent wood grain can really shine with a stain or varnish worked into it.

Unfinished Doors for Complete Versatility

All our hemlock external doors come completely unfinished. This helps keep the cost of these doors down, ensuring they are an excellent choice for those on a tight budget.

More than this, it also means thet are completely flexible as you can finish them any way you chose. Pick a bold colour to compliment a contemporary house design, or a muted finish to suit a rustic, traditional look. Brilliant white has the versatility to sit in any interior or exterior, while a black or dark grey will add to any modern or minimalist style.

Unglazed to Suit Your Style

All our glazed hemlock external doors also come in an unglazed option, so you can add the glass of your choice to keep your doors safe and secure. Whether you want the extra energy efficiency of triple-glazed or a more budget-friendly double-glazed option, you can install glass to suit your requirements.

For a truly unique look, you could even try leaded, stained or decorated glass.

FSC Certified

Whatever wood your external doors are made from, it’s important that the timber is sourced sustainably. All the doors we stock at Doors&More are made by companies who take pride in using FSC certified timber wherever possible.

If wood carries a Forestry Stewardship Certification means that you can trust the forest it was felled from is managed sustainably and responsibly.

Door Sizes to Fit Most Openings

We stock hemlock doors in a range of sizes to fit most standard door frame sizes. However, all our hemlock external doors also feature a solid timber lipping in their frame, which allows the doors to be trimmed down without effect the stability of the door.

Support with every step of your purchase

If you need any help choosing hemlock external doors or have any questions about our range of external doors, feel free to contact our customer service team using our online contact form and we’ll get back to your queries and questions as soon as possible.

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