Walnut Fire Doors

Walnut is an extremely attractive, luxurious timber that is certain to make a statement in just about any interior. It’s often used for crafting furniture, flooring, boats, and musical instruments – but thanks to its resistance to decay and extreme hardiness, it’s also a fantastic choice for a fire door.

Walnut trees are thought to have originated in Asia. They’re widespread in temperate climates, and as such they’re easy to forest sustainably. Walnut wood is heavy and hard, and able to withstand just about all the punishment your home might dish out. As such, it’s a great choice for a fire door.

Because the timber is so substantial, it’s a great candidate for situations where insulation is important. Sound pollution from one area of the home to another, or from the exterior of the home, can be guarded against with the help of a substantial walnut barrier.

With that said, European walnut tends to be a little lighter than its American counterpart, and thus doors composed from it are a little more forgiving; the timber is easily worked, which helps to minimise its cost, and allows the production of consistently great-looking doors.

Moreover, it’s worth considering walnut’s resistance to warping. Lesser timbers are prone to changing shape over time, leading to doors that stick against the floor after a while – a problem that’s irritating and costly to fix. This in turn leads to problems with draughts, as the gaps around the sides of the door expand.

If you’re having trouble deciding exactly whether you want an oak, pine, walnut, or white primed fire door for your home, then why not get in touch? We’ve a knowledgeable and helpful team just a phone-call away who’ll be able to address any queries you might have, and point you toward a door that’s right for your property. Give us a call or use our contact form.

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