Pine Internal Doors

Internal pine doors are a fantastic way to elevate the look and feel of a room even with tighter budgets. The knotty pine and warm yellow tones make for a fantastic focal point, especially when paired with decorative glass panels.

Here at Doors & More, we are proud to provide you with the best selection of pine internal doors from well-known, reputable brands.
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Pine Internal Doors

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Pitch pine is a variation of the more common yellow or red pine. This type of wood is slightly harder and denser due to the age of the tree. Pitch pine doors are perfect for busy homes, where hardwearing furniture is welcomed without compromising on style.

Pine internal doors are light weight but still retain the insulating properties you would expect from solid wood doors. It is a stable material and is perfectly suited to carved detail.

With their light grains and finish, internal pine doors are perfectly suited for glazing. Whether you’re looking for frosted glazing for extra privacy or clear glass, the natural light flow within your home will improve drastically.

Is pine wood good for doors?

Yes, pine is a good choice for doors due to its attractive appearance and affordability, making it suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. Solid pine doors are known for their natural beauty and versatility, offering a stylish option without breaking the bank.

Are pine doors durable?

Yes, they are a durable option for your home. Because pine is a softwood, it is lighter than hardwoods. It is known for its stiffness, making it great at resisting shock and sudden impacts. However, keep in mind that pine doors may wear down faster than a hardwood door, especially with heavy use.

With a general lifespan of about 10 to 20 years, internal pine doors can be a great investment for new builds or redecoration projects on a budget.

Make sure you varnish or stain them regularly. This can help increase the durability and lifespan of your new doors.

Pine vs Oak

Pine is lightweight which makes it easy to open for children and those with limited mobility. It’s also a readily available wood, making it affordable. However, it is more prone to denting and scratching than a hardwood like oak.

It’s important to note that pine is sensitive to temperature and moisture, and may shrink or warp in extreme conditions. It’s recommended to properly seal and maintain pine doors to ensure their longevity and performance.

Oak doors are more soundproof due to their density. Their denser composition prevents noise from entering or exiting a room, providing better acoustic insulation. Additionally, oak’s thicker build helps it retain heat effectively, making it an ideal choice in colder climates. Oak doors tend to be more durable and have a smoother finish, but they also have a higher price tag.

Why choose a pine internal door from Doors&More?

Each piece is unique

The beauty of pine is that every cut of the material is different. It is not uncommon to find knotty pine within a modern living environment. With each finish so different to the next, interior pine doors portray a sense of natural beauty within any home.


In both traditional and contemporary home décor, natural finished can be used to complement a variety of styles. Paired with different colours, materials, and lighting, a clear pine door can elevate the sense of spaciousness.

Internal Bi-fold doors

Pine is an incredibly versatile material and can be used to create a variety of different types of doors. Most popular is our range of pine internal bifold doors. These modern doors are perfect for homes with larger open ways. Bifold doors utilise the space given to them by opening into themselves. By occupying less floorspace, bifold doors are a more slimline alternative to traditional internal doors.

Our pine bifold doors are available as more cost-effective alternatives to other bi-fold doors, such as oak internal bifold doors or aluminium bifold doors.

Support choosing an interior pine door

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