Pine Internal Doors

On this page, you’ll find out ever popular and budget friendly range of pine internal doors. With it’s unique grain and easy to maintain properties, it’s clear to see why pine doors are a firm favourite. Check out our range of pink internal doors below.

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Buying pine internal doors, doesn’t mean a compromise on quality. With it’s distinctive knotting and warm yellow tones, pine will add a fresh, sunny look to any room. It can also be stained, painted and waxed without issue, making it the perfect material for internal doors that need to be versatile and budget friendly. It’s recommended that pine is treated, stained or waxed to help maintain the door and prevent warping.

Pine is a redwood tree and is commonly referred to as Scandinavian pine or European redwood, this is due to the native area of growth and the popularity of the softwood for furniture and house building in countries such as Sweden and Norway. Redwoods that are grown in the UK are often referred to as Scots pine to differentiate between indigenous species and those from the continent.

Pitch pine is also a variation of the more common yellow or red pine, slightly harder and more dense due to the age of the tree, pitch pine doors are perfect for a home where family life can get a bit crazy and something a little more hardwearing is needed without having to spend the money on traditional hardwood doors.

Pine internal doors are lightweight but still retain the insulating properties you would expect from solid wood doors. Pine is a stable wood and machines well and is perfectly suited to carved detail, as seen on our clear pine Louis and our clear pine Rio with delicate crystal rose-etched glass.

Redwood trees grow relatively fast and is sustainably farmed to maintain populations, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for environmentally-friendly internal doors.

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