Oak Internal French Doors

Whilst French doors are traditionally used as patio doors due to the large expanses of glazing, they’re also a popular choice for internal doors, too.
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Oak Internal French Doors

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When French doors were first created in France back in the 17th century, they were often created using heavyweight iron. These days French doors can be made from a wide variety of materials from aluminium to UPV and wood. When it comes to internal French doors, oak is an incredibly popular choice for homeowners. The wood itself is naturally hard-wearing and has a gorgeous natural finish. It can easily be stained, or primed and painted to suit the aesthetic of your home, and is more than capable of withstanding punishing day-to-day use.

The natural strength of oak means that it is a material which naturally lends itself to the various designs and configurations available in the French door style.

For those considering installing internal French doors in high-traffic areas of the home engineered oak, as seen in our oak Shaker Frenchfold door set, is also worth considering. Slightly less expensive than its solid counterpart, engineered oak offers additional peace of mind when it comes to durability, insulation and noise shielding. Engineered wood is treated to be more sustainable than solid oak, but the difference is unnoticeable. Engineered oak doors use slices of real oak which are places on either side of thinner sheets of wood that make up the bulk of the construction, essentially acting as a skin. This means you get the same high-quality oak finish but for a fraction of the price.

If you’d prefer a white finish, another affordable alternative are our white primed internal French doors. Manufactured to the same standard as our oak doors, these white French doors have a sleek white primed finish for you to apply the finishing colour to and are ready to hang for quick and easy installation.

Unsure what style of French door you should choose for your home? Fret not! Our friendly team are on hand to answer any questions you may have whilst offering tips and advice along the way. Contact us today.

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