Oak glazed internal doors

Our range of oak glazed internal doors are the perfection addition to any home whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern design. Our range of solid oak doors include traditional designs such as our Victorian inspired four panel door, the more modern Amalfi design with carved detailing or even internal folding doors with large glass panes to welcome light into your home.

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Why choose oak glazed internal doors?

Oak internal doors remain a popular choice in every style of home due to their sturdy material and variety of design choices. With their natural wood grain internal oak doors create a feeling of warmth and quality coveted in every home.

Oak is an especially popular material choice for internal doors due to its natural insulation and sound barrier properties, perfect for family homes and long British winters! With our diverse range of styles, we’re sure the perfect oak door is waiting for you.

If you’re looking for a traditional cottage decor, our Oak Cottage 6 glazed door offers a whimsical design and lets plenty of light into your home to keep it feeling bright. For those looking for something more modern, without sacrificing light, there is our Biarritz Oak Bevelled Glazed door.

What finishes are available?

We have both finished and unfinished glazed oak internal doors in our range so you can find the right finish for your home.

Many of our oak glazed range comes prefinished, which means it’s ready to hang as soon as it’s delivered, such as our Oak Sol Glazed. This is the perfect choice for people who don’t want to spend additional time and resources applying their own finish. Choosing a prefinished door also means you’re guaranteed a professional finish, and when ordering multiple doors they will all look uniform.

Unfinished doors are the perfect choice for those who want to add their own stamp, such as our Oak 10 glass panel door. Unfinished doors won’t come with any wax or varnish so they’re ready for you to add your own bright coat of paint or stain to match woodwork in other areas of your home. While this does take extra resources, it means your internal door can be tailored to your home although some customers report loving the natural finish so much they don’t want to change it at all.

Additional safety features

We all know that it’s important to look at the safety features of external doors, making sure they have the right locks and are sturdy enough to keep our homes secure. However, it’s just as important to consider what safety features your internal door requires.

If additional safety steps are a concern for you, many of our doors are available as 44m thick FD30 rated fire doors. An FD30 rated door means it will suppress the spread of fire and smoke for a minimum of thirty minutes. Fire doors are recommended when fitting a door between a kitchen and other room, including garages.

Contact us

Looked through our range of oak glazed doors and still have a few questions? Whether you want information on bulk delivery, help choosing a size or anything else, our customer service team will be happy to help! You can find out the best way to get in touch on our contact page.


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