Internal Oak Doors With Glass

Our range of interior oak doors with glass are the perfection addition to any home. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern design, we have the right one of you.

Premium oak has loads of character that adds charm to add home. Coupled with glass insert and it makes the perfect combination. That’s why internal glazed oak doors are so popular.
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Internal Oak Doors With Glass

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Internal Oak Doors

With so many traditional materials available to make doors from, it’s no coincidence that oak has remained a popular choice for centuries. It is famous for its low maintenance, longevity, stability, and unique natural beauty. Therefore choosing oak interior doors for your home will stand the test of time as it offers a timeless style.

Both solid oak and engineered oak internal doors make excellent choices as the timber takes centre stage. Quite often it is hard to distinguish which internal oak door is solid and which is engineered. With its classic design, oak internal doors complement various interior design schemes, so you cannot go wrong with picking one.

What’s more, compared to other materials, an oak door benefits from superior insulation properties. This will keep your home cosy and warm during the cold winter months!

Solid Oak Doors

Solid oak doors have been used in UK homes throughout history as it is a reliable, durable, and readily available material. This long history means that solid oak doors are seen as the most robust and long-lasting option.

Oak Veneer Doors

The quality of oak veneer doors has undoubtedly improved over the last few years to merge the many benefits of oak wood, with additional features like anti-warping. The cost effective solid core is covered in a thin layer of premium oak, therefore you can enjoy the charming character of the timber at more affordable prices.

Oak Fire Rated doors

Combining style with safety, our oak fire doors are incredibly popular with homeowners up and down the country. All of our oak fire doors are either FD30 or FD60 rated, which means they’ll hold back a fire for either 30 or 60 minutes.

We only use toughened safety glass in all of our oak glazed fire rated doors so they offer the same level of protection as the door frame. Therefore you can have style, safety, and an easy flow of natural light between rooms without having to compromise.

Glazed Oak Internal Door Finishes

In our range, you’ll find both finished and unfinished oak interior doors with glass to choose from. Finished doors allow you to get on with hanging to doors upon their arrival and cut out a lot of the hassle of adding the final touches. Opting for a prefinished door also means you’re guaranteed a professional finish, and when ordering multiple doors they will all look uniform.

Choosing an unfinished glass oak door gives you the option to customise it to your exact specification. So when it arrives, you’ll need to decide on the shade of paint, varnish, or wax, you want, and then apply it to your new door. This allows you to show off your unique style, so whether you want a dark oak stain or white oak finish, you can achieve it with these doors.

Why choose Internal Oak Glazed Doors?

Whilst oak internal doors on their own have a sleek elegance to them, having glass panels in them can elevate it to a higher level. The beauty of the oak wood, mixed with the extra natural light that you get from the glass, showcases the timber to its full potential.

Internal doors with glass is incredibly versatile and can work with almost any decor. Whether you have a traditional cottage or a more contemporary property, there is sure to be one in our range to match your style and that of your home. With its flexibility, it also means that an oak internal door can work in every single room of your home.

Finding The Perfect Glazed Oak Internal Doors For You

Whichever quality solid and oak veneer door you choose, you can be rest assured that at Doors & More, they are available at a competitive price, and represent great value for money. There are also various styles available at different price points to suit your exact style and budget.

With so many oak internal doors and glass panel styles to choose from, we appreciate that it could be hard to find your favourites or know which best suits your space. If you have any questions or need advice, let our sales team help you find the perfect style of oak internal doors for your home today.

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