Internal Glazed Doors

Choosing an interior glass door helps create a sense of spaciousness in any room. It’s also great for removing any undesirable gloominess too. What’s more, glazed doors are modern, stylish, and thermally-efficient.

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Internal Glazed Doors

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Internal Doors With Glass

When looking to improve your interior space, there’s no better option than an internal glazed door.

Glazed internal doors provide many benefits including an effective means of allowing natural light to flow through your home. Though larger glazed panels may not appear to be the most insulative, our internal glazed doors are manufactured to boast impressive thermal efficiency.

With a wide range of finishes and glazing options available, our selection of fully glazed internal doors suits a wide variety of homes. So whether you’ve got a contemporary apartment or a rustic cottage, you’ll find no better addition to your home décor than at Doors & More.

What is an internal glazed door?

A glazed interior door is similar to other traditional internal doors, but features additional glass panels in place of wooden panels. They provide an uninterrupted flow of natural light through a building, increasing the sense of space in a home’s interior whilst also bringing about a range of health benefits.

Internal glazed doors are perfect for homes that require additional light flow. They are ideal for the living area, dining room and kitchen. The increased price point of these doors is justified by the amount of light they can bring into a home, making the transition between each room a more pleasant experience.

With clear glazing available, glazed interior doors can emphasise the architecture of a building even whilst the internal doors are closed. If more privacy is required, then other options such as frosted glazing will still allow light to flow through but distort images on the other side.

Can You See Through Frosted Glass?

Frosted glass is a type of obscure glass that distorts the image on the other side of the glass. Distinguished by its white opaque frosting, frosted glazing provides little transparency without compromising on light flow.

There are many different types of obscure and frosted glazing. Here at Doors & More, we offer several different glazing types to suit your home. Diamond bevelled glazing offers a stylish yet more private alternative to other glazing types. Smoked glazing, on the other hand, is an entirely tinted form of glass that darkens the image on the other side.

Frosted glass internal doors are ideally suited to any bedroom or bathroom. This creates a private space within your home without sacrificing any natural light intake.

Glazed Fire Rated Doors

All of our internal glazed fire doors come with double or triple glazing safety glass as standard. By using toughened safety glass, it means you can get more light into your interior spaces, without compromising your family’s safety.

Glass Sizes

Within our collection, you can choose a half-glazed door, panelled glass door, or a fully glazed option. Any fully glazed internal door allow the maximum amount of light through and are generally best suited to living areas where you want to create an open plan arrangement. Therefore these make a great pick for living rooms or dining rooms.

Half-glazed and panelled internal glass doors offer a higher degree of privacy, and distinctively dividing up large spaces, whilst letting light pass from one room to the next.

Material Surrounds

Once you know what type of glass door you want, it is important to consider what surround would best complement your space. Here at Doors & More, we have a huge number of soft and hardwood options, as well as a range of colour choices too.

Hardwood doors are known for their longevity and effortless style. Solid wood doors often the go-to choice for homeowners, with solid oak glass doors one of our most popular doors. However, our oak veneer glazed doors are definitely worth considering as they have all the elegance of solid wood, without the risk of warping and sticking. The quality of engineered wood doors has improved drastically over the past few decades and so veneer wooden doors can certainly stand the test of time.

Possibly the most famous of any softwood door is pine. The look of knotty pine doors can have a simple beauty, character, and warmth that make them irresistable. When paired up with glass, it elevates it to the next level thanks to all the extra natural light it brings into a space.

To further enhance and personalise your new internal glass door, opt for an unfinished or white primed door so you can paint, wax, or varnish it in the exact tone you want. If you want to just get around to hanging it upon arrival then pre-finished glazed doors are just what you need.

Why Choose Glazed Internal Doors From Doors & More


Glazed internal doors are one of the most effective doors on the market for allowing natural light to flow through your home. For both space-conscious and open-plan homes, installing an internal glazed door will bring incite a warm and spacious feel.


Our internal glass doors are made from the best quality materials and from leading brands. It’s important to also note that we use reinforced safety glass within our doors.

Easy to maintain

Whether you opt for pre finished, primed, or unfinished glazed internal doors, looking after your new door couldn’t be easier. Once your door is fully finished, a quick wipe down with a warm, damp, soapy wet cloth will remove any excess build-up of dirt.

Removing grubby finger marks and dirt from your glazing couldn’t be easier. Any household glass cleaner/polish will instantly restore your internal glazed doors.

Thermally efficient

Fitted with toughened glass and framed by a solid and durable core, our pre-installed glazed doors will not affect your home’s thermal efficiency. Manufactured to provide the best in insulation, our doors will only reduce your energy bills.

So Much Choice

Within our substantial range, there is something for every style and taste. We stock doors from some of the UK’s leading door manufacturers like JB Kind and XL Joinery. Therefore you can be rest assured you’re getting a quality glazed internal door from Doors & More. All you need to do now is choose the door furniture to complete your new door.

Support choosing internal glazed doors

Feeling a little bit lost? Don’t worry: our sales team will be happy to clear up any confusion and point you in the direction of a door that’s right for you. Fill in our online contact form to speak to one of our team and we’ll help you make a choice that’s right for you.

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