Panel Internal Doors

Elegant, beautiful and endlessly versatile, panel internal doors are a great fit for all kinds of properties and design concepts. At Doors & More, we carry a wide range of doors featuring different numbers and styles of panels to create a selection with astonishing variety. Whether you prefer classical designs or you like your looks clean and contemporary, there’s a panel door for your home.

Panel Internal Doors

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What styles do panel internal doors have?

The beauty of panel doors is that they lend themselves to a huge range of different styles. Previously known as rail and stile doors, they have been a mainstay in our homes since the 18th century.

Different numbers, sizes, shapes and arrangements of panels can be used to create an incredible variety of looks from ladder doors with horizontal panels to cottage doors with 5 vertical panels.

Some panels can be glazed to add a splash of natural light to the living area and create a greater feeling of spaciousness.

Panel doors are also highly durable, and can provide superior thermal and sonic insulation for your living space. Our range of panel internal doors contains prefinished, unfinished and white primed doors to create a perfect fit with your home decor.

You’ll also find that a great many panel doors are also available as fire doors, including glazed options. These are thicker and lined with an intumescent strip and / or smoke shields to prevent the spread of fire throughout the home.

2 panel internal doors

2 panel doors are available in a wide range of styles. While 2 panel Shaker doors are still among the most popular, our range also includes the elegant moulded Classique 2 Panel or primed Arnhem 2 panel internal doors.

3 panel internal doors

A trifecta of panels can be used to create a range of stunning and distinctive door designs that cater to both traditional and contemporary sensibilities. For example, the white primed Amsterdam 3 panel internal door uses 3 square panels to create an elegant door with a traditional Georgian look, while the oak pre-finished Lincoln 3 panel door uses vertical panels of different widths to create a stunning contemporary aesthetic.

4 panel internal doors

When we think of 4 panel doors, we tend to think of traditional Victorian internal doors that feature a long, slender panel in each quadrant. However, you may be surprised by the range our 4 panel door selection offers. Like the clean lines and vertical panels of the elegantly modern premium 4 panel white Ladder fire door, or this oak pre-finished Contemporary 4 panel internal door.

5 panel internal doors

5 panels can be implemented to create some beautifully contemporary looks whose clean lines belie their strength and build quality. Like our premium white vertical 5 panel FD60-rated fire door. They can also be used to create this 5 panel moulded cottage door which is equally at home in traditional and contemporary design concepts.

Or, if you’re looking for something with more of a wow factor, 5 panels can be used to create more intricate designs like the white primed Reims 5 panel door which uses 4 rectangular panels in each quadrant and a fifth diamond-shaped panel resting in the centre.

6 panel internal doors

Using 6 panels in your internal doors can create an incredible diversity of looks and feels. If your tastes err on the side of tradition, you’ll love this fully finished Oxford 6 panel door made from American white oak. Or, if you’re looking for a bolder design, you may prefer the oak pre-finished Coventry 6 panel door or the deco-inspired pine 1930 6 panel internal door.

Why choose panel internal doors from Doors & More?

At Doors & More, we strive to bring you the biggest range of panel doors at market-leading prices. We’re passionate about delivering both quality and value for money, stocking doors from the country’s most trusted brands. We also offer free delivery on all orders over £750.

Whatever style and however many panels you’re looking for, our team of highly-trained experts can help you to find the perfect door for your home. Call us today on 01205 804561, or email us at

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