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Of all of the doors in your house, the external ones are undoubtedly the most important. They have an enormous influence not only on the way that your property looks from the outside, but on the thermal efficiency and security of your home, too.

The external doors you’ll find in this section of the site come in a range of materials, including both hard and softwood. There are oak, pine, redwood and hardwood doors available, just to name a few, and each comes with its own distinctive characteristics.

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External doors will need to repel the elements to a greater extent than internal ones.  That’s why special concern should be reserved for the warping effect that a solid piece of wood might suffer when exposed to repeated and regular changes in temperature.  That’s where composite and veneered designs come in – they sandwich many planks of wood into the same door, thereby ensuring that the exterior of the door looks the part – while keeping the shape of the inner part as constant as possible.

Since we know that many of our customers prefer to finish their doors themselves, we provide a wide selection of unfinished doors which can be painted to suit any exterior.  If, on the other hand, you’d prefer a door that’s ready-finished, you’ll find one amongst the doors listed here, too – many of the pre-pigmented doors we sell will resist scratches and water, and so you can be sure they’ll retain their shine for years to come.

Of course, in order for an external door to fulfil its maximum potential, it must be paired with a suitable set of handles or doorknobs.  Fortunately, we sell a wide range of such accessories, too – meaning that you’ll be able to personalise your door when it’s in position.

Many of us prefer our front doors with glazing – as this allows light to get into the property, and helps us to see who’s at the door before we answer it.  You’ll find glazing of every different sort among the items you see listed here – from the grids of the Cottage 4L, to semi-circular glass fans of the Empress oak, to the more traditional pair of vertical windows that we find on doors across the country.

If you’re concerned about the thermal efficiency of your property, however, then you’ll want to ensure that the glass in your door isn’t allowing too much heat to escape.  That’s why double (and even triple) glazing in doors is so valuable – by trapping a layer of inert gas between multiple layers of glass, we can restrict the flow of heat from the inside of your home to the outside, and thereby ensure that our spending on energy is minimised.

With so many factors to consider, and such an extensive range of doors to choose from, deciding on the door that’s right for your home can sometimes be a little confusing.  Fortunately, we’re on hand to help – so, if you have any questions, or you’d like some terminology explained, or you’d simply like a recommendation for your property, then be sure to get in touch with us.

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