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Of all the doors in your home, the external ones must be the most important. Their design will impact the appearance of your whole house, perhaps even defining its ‘kerb appeal’ to others.

And they will affect more than the way your home looks. An old, inefficient exterior door can compromise the security of your home and even your finances if your energy bills shoot up.

Our extensive range of external doors has options to suit every home. Colourful composite doors and classic oak external doors, the flexibility of unfinished doors or the convenience of prefinished doors. Whatever you need, we have options to suit your budget and your style.

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Perhaps more than any other door, an exterior door needs to balance its appearance and practicality equally. All the doors we supply are the perfect meeting of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Why Choose An External Door from Doors&More

Here at Doors&More, we understand the importance of finding the right exterior doors for your home. This is a door that will face the world, presenting your image and protecting your family from everyone outside.

This is why we stock an extensive range of different exterior doors, letting you chose between materials, finishes and designs to find one that really works for you. In fact, there are so many options, you might struggle to pick one so take a look at our guide to choosing a new front doo if you need more support.

Choose Your Material

With external doors and front doors, your choice of material is always important. You need something that is secure, stable, and robust enough to stand up to all the elements the British weather system can throw at it.

Timber External Doors

Solid wood has been used to construct doors for centuries. It is tried and tested, able to withstand the pummeling of winter rain and starching of the summer sun.

Many of the timber doors we stock feature an engineered solid core. This helps prevent the warping or swelling that can happen with a solid wood door, keeping the door attractive and functional for years with only minimal maintenance such as varnishing or repainting necessary.

Our range includes hardwood doors, such as external oak doors and softwood doors, including external hemlock doors. Whether you’re looking for a sturdy and secure new front door, or a wallet-friendly side or back door, we’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

Composite Doors

When it comes to a new front door, picking one from our range of composite external doors is probably a no brainer.

These doors are engineered out of plastic, wood and other materials to make a door that is incredibly strong and impressively durable. They get the benefits of all the materials they’re made from, including unbeatable thermal efficiency to keep your centrally-heated air inside and the bitter winter air outside.

Perhaps the best thing about composite doors is that they look great too. Available in a whole rainbow of colours and shades, they also have a hardwearing woodgrain textured veneer that looks fantastic. Even better, the colours of these veneers can easily endure direct sunlight without fading.

In fact, our composite doors should stay looking as lovely and functioning as brilliantly as the day they were installed for up to 35 years.

Flexible Designs To Meet Your Needs

With an external door material picked, you still have plenty of design flexibility from our choice of doors.

Unfinished or Prefinished

If you want the ease of a door that is ready to hang as soon as it arrives, we stock plenty of prefinished doors. All our composite doors and many of our timber doors are fully finished, so you can install them straight away on the day of delivery.

If you’d rather add your own stamp to your external doors, we also have wood doors available unfinished. After careful priming and painting, varnishing or staining, you will have a door that suits your own style completely.

Glazed External Doors

Many people prefer front doors with glazing to let the light flood into their home.

We stock doors with glass panels that don’t just improve the look of your home, they keep it safe and secure too.

Safety and Efficiency as Standard

We offer a range of glazing options including double and triple glazing to make sure you don’t have to compromise on security or efficiency to let light into your home.

All the glass panels in our doors are also made of toughened glass to help keep out intruders and keep your home and family safe.

Fire Doors

When it comes to keeping your home safe, a fire door is always a sensible choice. Our range of exterior fire doors have FD30 ratings which means they will withstand fire for up to 30 minutes.

Made of engineered oak, we have fire doors available in a wide variety of colours and styles, including glazed options. This range means that you can pick a safe, secure front door without sacrificing style.

Customer Support When You Need It

With so many factors to consider, and such an extensive range of doors to choose from, deciding on the door that’s right for your home can sometimes be a little confusing.  Fortunately, we’re on hand to help – so, if you have any questions, or you’d like some terminology explained, or you’d simply like a recommendation for your property, then be sure to get in touch with us using the details on our contact us page.



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