Black Fire Doors

If you’re looking to make a statement, nothing says more than black internal doors. They ooze elegance and sophistication, creating a great focal point to finish off a room.

If you’re upgrading your internal doors, we highly recommend choosing from our collection of black fire doors. The contemporary style means they will make a real impact both on the aesthetics of your space and in regard to fire safety.
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Black Fire Doors

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In a fire, you want to make sure that your family and home are safe. This is why it’s important for homeowners to know how they can protect themselves and others during such an event with the right tools like a fire door!

A fire door will not only significantly reduce the damage to your home caused by a fire but could save lives.

Don’t compromise on style and finish when opting for a fire door. We have pre finished black fire doors that will add class to any home or business!

All of our black fire doors offer all the safety benefits of standard ones, but with an extra level of flair and style.

What is a fire door?

Fire doors are a necessary component in any building that may be subject to fire. They allow for the prevention and containment of fires by acting as barriers between rooms when closed, while also providing an escape route should one become necessary.

There are two different types of fire doors that can be purchased, these being the FD30 and FD60 models. This indicates the amount of fire protection they offer, with FD30 approved doors offering a minimum of 30 minutes and FD60 doors offering 60 minutes of protection.

​​When it comes to fire doors, the minimum required is FD30. This rating is most commonly in homes and buildings for domestic use.

What are fire doors made of?

Fire doors are a sturdy door that is made of quality wood. They’re much thicker and heavier than standard doors due to their solid construction.

Fire doors are designed with fire-rated materials to provide protection against fires. This includes the frame, hinges and handles as well as intumescent smoke seals that expand when hot in order to prevent them from spreading through a building or room.

Why choose a black fire door from Doors&More?

As you can see, not only are our black fire doors an obvious choice when it comes to fire safety but they make a stylish addition to any home – and their benefits don’t end there.


Thanks to their solid construction, fire doors can be made much more sturdily and durable than standard doorways. This means they are less likely to swell or crack which will keep them in good condition for years to come!

High quality

Fire doors tend to have a more high-quality look and feel than standard internal doors – the same can be said for our black fire doors.

The premium aesthetic of our black internal fire doors, combined with their high-quality construction makes them a great investment. The value that they can give your building is worth every penny!


A thicker door means better soundproofing. The panels of a fire door are more acoustically insulating than standard internal ones which will prevent the transfer of noise from your rooms into other parts of the house. So not only will your home be safer, it will be quieter too!

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