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Hardwood front and back doors add a beautiful and durable accent to any home. As it’s a natural material, each exterior hardwood door has its own unique beauty. It’s the perfect choice for the entrance of your home. Our hardwood external door range comes unfinished too. Thus, you can make it match you and your home’s individual style.
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The front door is perhaps the most important door in your home. It is the one the whole world sees, and the one that keeps the world at bay. As well as being attractive and affordable, a front door needs to be durable and it needs to be secure.

The doors in our range of external hardwood doors tick all of these boxes. Robust and secure, with that all-important kerb appeal that keeps the exterior of your home looking as great as the interior.

For even more options, you can also view our range of oak external doors.

Can you use hardwood doors outside?

Hardwood has been used to make front doors and entrances for hundreds of years. The strength and durability of hardwood make it an excellent material choice for external doors. We stock high quality timber doors that can stand up to the elements.

It also has a timeless visual appeal. A hardwood door always creates a welcoming entrance to your home, whether it’s an elegant period property, a rustic cottage or a bright new build.

Why choose a hardwood external door from Doors&More?

Hardwood front doors are always a popular choice. Probably because they are always attractive but there are so many reasons why hardwood doors make an extremely practical choice too.

Thermally efficient

When picking an external door, energy efficiency should always be a consideration. With solid wood doors, you can be assured that their 44mm depth won’t just stop intruders from getting through.

These doors will stop your warm, centrally heated air from escaping while making sure the outside chill doesn’t get into your house either.

Sizes to fit any doorway

Our range of external timber doors is available in a number of sizes to fit standard door frames.

But another benefit of choosing a door made from hardwood is that you can trim the door to fit awkward sized openings. All our hardwood doors have a solid timber lipping so they can be trimmed on all sides without compromising the structure or stability of the door.

Unfinished for full flexibility

All our hardwood doors come unfinished as standard. This gives you the ability to finish them to match the aesthetic of your home, however unique or unusual it is.

After priming, they can be finished to any colour, style or finish you wish. Take the time to seal them properly, and you will be left with a personalised, perfect door that will stand the test of time. Just choose the right door furniture to complete the look.

Fire-rated external doors

If you’re looking to make your home safe as well as secure, we also offer hardwood exterior fire doors that are rated FD30.

These doors can withstand fire for up to 30 mins making them a sensible addition for any safety-conscious homeowner. These doors are particularly useful for garages where tools or appliances are kept.

FSC Certified

Wood is a limited resource that has a substantial impact on the environment. This means it’s important to only use timber that is sustainably sourced.

At Doors&More we only stock hardwood external doors that are made by companies who take pride in using FSC certified timber wherever possible.

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