Light Grey Ash Montreal Glazed Fire Door


Light Grey Ash Montreal Glazed Fire Door - 1981mm x 762mm x 44mm (30"): Stock on Backorder - Expected: 27th Sep, 2021
Light Grey Ash Montreal Glazed Fire Door - 1981mm x 686mm x 44mm (27"): In Stock


The Light Grey Ash Montreal has a natural look that is perfect for darker rooms adding a smart and sleek look. The glazed version of the door allows light to flow through your home, in rooms that may not have as much natural light. It uses a real light grey ash veneer to give a clean look for extra sophistication. The door comes fully finished and ready for hanging, avoiding the hassle of finishing it on site after purchase. The lippings are 18mm on all edges. This fire door version, 44mm thick, gives up to 30 minutes of fire resistance for bedrooms, etc. that require extra safety.


Choose a Size

1981mm x 686mm x 44mm (27″), 1981mm x 762mm x 44mm (30″)


Fully Finished

Fire Resistance



Clear Glazed


Ash Veneer


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