Internal French Doors

While French doors, by definition, all share glass panelling in common, the exact shape and style of that glass panelling varies considerably from door to door.  There are those which incorporate just a single large panel, letting the maximum amount of light through, and there are those which employ several smaller ones, broken up by either horizontal or vertical bands, or both.  On the other hand, there are more unusual contemporary designs which do away with convention entirely, placing all manner of irregularly-shaped panes of glass in each panel.  You’ll want to select a set of internal French doors which match both your personal taste, and the other design choices you’ve made for the room that your door is destined to occupy.

We should also consider the function of the room – as in some cases, such as with a bathroom or bedroom, you might want a little bit of privacy as well as the impression of space and the dispersal of light through the home.  That’s where frosted glass panes come in – they allow for both!

Also among the selection here are so-called ‘frenchfold’ designs, which combine the virtues of the bi-folding door with those of the French door.  They consist of multiple panels, each attached to one another by hinges, with the entire arrangement opening from the centre.  They’re a perfect solution in areas where you’d like to create a temporary dividing line between two rooms, while maintaining the impression of space. If you don’t feel that French Doors are quite right for your home, why not explore our range of internal folding sliding doors? These doors are designed to allow you flexibility, and come with added space-saving features, too!

Shopping for a door can be a bewildering experience – with so many options available, and so much jargon flying around, it can be difficult to work out which door will make the best fit for your home.  If you’re uncertain, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team – we’ll be able to clear up any queries you might have, and help you to make an informed purchase.

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