White Moulded Internal Bi-Fold Doors

Whilst pine and oak bifolding doors have a naturally attractive quality about them, if you’re looking for a slightly more contemporary look then white moulded might just be the way to go. Our white moulded internal bifold doors are finished in bright white and just need a handle and hinge pack to install. Browse our selection of white moulded doors below.

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The vast majority of internal bifold doors you’ll find will be white moulded, as the material, which is engineered to ensure enhanced strength and stability, is more affordable and doesn’t fall prey to the same problems you might find with traditional woods. These problems include chipping and warping, which you won’t often find with a white moulded door, as the wood will always have been treated to resist such blemishes. This is especially important with bifold doors, as you will be dragging them back and forth constantly along their tracks, exposing them to a lot of wear and tear. Note that moulded doors are vulnerable, however, to high humidity, but in the UK, this shouldn’t be a problem.

White moulded internal bifold doors will invariably be sold in a variety of pattern configurations, though the most common will often include 4 or 6 panels, as any more or less would result in an uneven or messy looking construction. White moulded, solid panel glazed internal bifold doors will also rarely contain glass panels, though it’s not unheard of. The wood will often be primed before it leaves the warehouse too, so once the doors reach you they should be ready to be painted there and then.

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