Hardwood Internal French Doors

If you’re choosing hardwood, you’re choosing something that’s built to last. Whilst a little more expensive there’s a real elegance and beauty to hardwood that simply cannot be replicated in softwood, moulded, or composite doors. Shop our selection of hardwood internal French doors below.

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As french doors were first introduced during the French Renaissance in the 17th century, the style has become known for being rather ornate, which you might think might not work well with hardwood. However, the combination of naturally beautiful solid wood, and the heavily stylised glass frames of many internal french doors, as seen in our Worthing hardwood French doors, will really help your home stand out.

Perfectly placed to provide entry to a home office or separate a living room from a kitchen or dining room, for example, the solid construction will also make sure that the doors will last after years of abuse and thousands of slams. The best thing about most modern hardwood internal french doors is that you’ll also have a variety of customisation options at your disposal. In many cases you’ll even be able to decide if you want your doors finished with varnish or staining or left as nature intended.

Of the hardwoods generally used in french doors, oak is perhaps the most common, though there might be other materials to choose from if you cast the net out wide enough. There is a reason why oak, especially engineered oak, is so popular. Engineered oak, often simply referred to as hardwood by many manufacturers, takes a more affordable cut of wood for the core and then applies a layer of solid veneer to the outer shell; giving you the appearance of a set of solid oak French doors without the accompanying price tag.

The primary benefit of engineered oak, besides the cheaper price, is the fact that it won’t age visibly over time like solid oak and won’t require half as much maintenance. All hardwoods, however, are thermally secure, strong and wonderful at keeping out unwanted noise.


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