White Primed Coventry Clear Glass Pair



Quick Overview

White Primed, Primed, Non-Fireproof



The White Primed Coventry Glazed Pair creates a symmetrical, modern pattern that gives the perfect divider between two rooms of a contemporary house. These glazed French doors are rebated so that the right hand door opens towards you first. It comes white primed meaning it is double coated and ready for final finishing. The clear glazing allows light to pass from room to room, ideal for spaces that lack natural daylight. The pair is FSC certified with 20mm llippings on all edges so you can trim to meet your opening size.


Fire Resistance





Clear Glazing


White Primed

Choose a Size

1981mm x 1067mm x 40mm (42″), 1981mm x 1168mm x 40mm (46″), 1981mm x 1220mm x 40mm (48″), 1981mm x 1372mm x 40mm (54″), 1981mm x 1524mm x 40mm (60″)

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