White Oak Veneer Internal Doors

Here you’ll find our comprehensive selection of white oak veneer internal doors. A fabulous and cost effective alternative to solid oak, white oak veneered doors are specifically engineered to offer the most natural appearance without the hefty price tag. Browse our range of white oak veneer internal doors below.

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Oak veneer became popular during the Second World War when hardwood such as oak was in short supply, another reason using veneer became popular was because of how inexpensive it is, giving the appearance of solid oak doors at a fraction of the price.

White oak veneered doors are a fantastic investment for those that want a top quality finish on a limited budget.

Oak veneered doors are created by applying a thin (usually about 2mm to 4mm) layer of solid oak on to a lower density and lower cost core such as pine. When using a pine core, veneered doors are less prone to warping and are far more resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Due to a higher resistance, white oak veneer isn’t prone to splitting like solid oak can, with the rather unpredictable British weather… this could be a blessing in itself!

Though the final product is usually cheaper, it’s often the finest and rarest pieces of lumber that are used to create veneer. The reason for this is because the number of quality, aesthetically pleasing pieces that can be produced multiply significantly and there is far less waste compared to manufacturing a solid oak door.

Oak veneer can be stained, treated and finished in the same way as solid oak, giving you the flexibility to change the look of your doors as required.


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