White Moulded Internal Doors

Here you’ll find our specially selected range of white moulded internal doors. Perfect for providing a tough and simple solution without the fuss and ongoing maintenance needs. A firm favourite with trades people and the rental market. Browse our range of moulded internal doors below:

White Moulded Internal Doors

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Designed specifically to offer great value for money, white moulded doors are the perfect low cost alternative to solid wood and engineered doors. They are available in a number of styles and often supplied either primed or prefinished ready to hang, making them a quick and easy solution when time is of the essence. This also makes them the perfect door for those that would consider themselves a DIY beginner.

Moulded doors are made using hardboard or composite materials with a series of panels or designs pressed into them to give the appearance of bevelling or with cutouts for glazing if preferred. Manufacturing starts with particle board or foam core, this is then wrapped in a layer of “skin”. Depending on the manufacturer, the skin will be made from either medium density fiberboard or hardboard. Once bonded, the door is then placed into a heated mould and a high level of pressure is applied. Once the mould is removed, the pattern will remain. Often a woodgrain effect is also applied to give the appearance of solid wood.

Due to the relative ease at which moulded internal doors can be manufactured, they’re significantly cheaper than solid wood doors such as oak and hardwood. Due to this, they’re highly favoured by housing developers and landlords alike where cost savings are particularly important. Moulded doors are also much lighter than solid wood doors, making them the perfect internal doors for anyone who might struggle with mobility issues.

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