Pine Islington Fire Door


Quick Overview

Pine, Unfinished, Fireproof FD30



The Islington Pine internal fire door from PM Mendes is an ideal, low cost solution for painting or staining. With its clear Radiata pine face and edges, these engineered pine doors are manufactured to a high standard with core materials that add weight and stability to the door giving them a really strong feel. The Pine Islington internal door is supplied with flat panels and a traditional wide bead design to add that characteristic traditional look. These doors look superb, whether painted or stained, but must be decorated before installation to seal the veneers to prevent cracking. This FD30 version is rated for up to 30 minutes of fire safety, providing you with that extra feeling of comfort in the home.


Fire Resistance

Fireproof FD30




Solid Panel



Choose a Size

1981mm x 686mm x 44mm (27″), 1981mm x 762mm x 44mm (30″), 1981mm x 838mm x 44mm (33″), 2032mm x 813mm x 44mm (32″)

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