Hardwood Internal Doors

On this page you will find our exciting range of hardwood internal doors. With unequivocal quality and class, hardwood doors are a robust and insulating choice for anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their interior design. Check out our range of hardwood internal doors below.

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When veneered or engineered internal doors just won’t do, but you need a budget friendly option when it comes to internal doors, hardwood doors will allow you to take it to that next level without breaking the bank. Hardwood doors are manufactured using mainly meranti and sapele wood, which are classified as types of mahogany. Other popular species of hardwood that are used to make interior doors include American cherry, American black walnut as well as African iroko and utile, though these are less common.

Much like traditional mahogany that we know, meranti and sapele are both rich in colour and lend themselves well to being stained or waxed to deepen the colour, adding warmth to a room with their reddish brown hues. They can also be painted without a problem, though a primer coat would be recommended.

Unlike some tropical woods, meranti and sapele don’t contain extractives or silica within the grain, which means they’re particularly good for gluing and won’t warp as easily as some, this also means that nails and screws will hold well within the wood. They’re easy to machine and lend themselves well to internal doors that included panelling and bevelling, such as our Regent 6 Panelas well as those that are glazed.

Both fairly fast growing and potentially large in size, hardwoods such as meranti and sapele are a sustainable wood source, making them the perfect hardwood internal door for those that are a little more environmentally conscious. They also make great insulators, allowing you to keep the warm in and the cold out with hardwood internal doors.

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