Prefinished Calgary Abachi Wood Glazed Fire Door



Quick Overview

Engineered Oak, Fully Finished, Fireproof FD30



The Calgary has a simple look using the real abachi veneer to make it look clean and fresh adding a modern approach to any room. The clear glazing allows for light to pass from room to room, reaching areas that lack natural light. The lippings are 18mm on all edges of the door and the Calgary is FSC certified. It comes fully finished, meaning it is ready for hanging. This FD30 version means it is rated for up to half an hour of fire safety, giving you that extra feeling of comfort in your home.


Fire Resistance

Fireproof FD30


Fully Finished


Clear Glazing


Engineered Oak

Choose a Size

1981mm x 686mm x 44mm (27″), 1981mm x 762mm x 44mm (30″)

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