Engineered Internal Doors

Here you’ll find our exceptional range of engineered internal doors. All engineered internal doors are designed to offer a durable and long lasting solution with the appearance of solid wood doors, at a fraction of the price. Buy engineered internal doors below.

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Quite simply, engineered wooden doors are a dream come true for anyone that wishes to grace their home with solid hardwood doors but doesn’t fancy the hefty price tag. Often called composite wooden doors, they’re specifically designed to replicate solid wooden doors. Using multiple pieces of hardwood such as oak which are then glued and then moulded to form a strong core, layers of real wood veneer are then applied giving the appearance of a solid oak door. When manufacturing engineered doors, the maker can be more selective with the wood used, reducing the amount of natural flaws within the wood.

There are a number of advantages to opting for an engineered internal doors compared to a solid one. As well as a smaller price tag, engineered doors don’t require the same level of care as solid doors to keep them at their best, perfect for anyone looking for a low maintenance option.

The reason they don’t require the same level of maintenance is because they aren’t prone to splitting or warping when exposed to heat or moisture due to the reinforced core. It’s relatively easy to split solid wood down the grain, but by opting to apply the grain in different directions when creating a core for an engineered door, it effectively eliminates this problem.

Another great feature of engineered internal doors is design flexibility. The use of composite construction means that designers can opt for a design that wouldn’t work well or wouldn’t have the structural integrity if made from solid wood. Opening up your options to almost limitless interior design possibilities. 

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