Composite Internal Doors

On this page you will find our specially selected range of composite internal doors. The newest door manufacturing method on the market, they make a fantastic alternative to solid wood or veneered doors. Composite doors are made to last as well as dampen noise and retain heat. Check out our range of composite internal doors below.

Composite Internal Doors

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A relative newcomer to to the internal doors scene, composite doors are designed to bridge the gap between wooden and full uPVC, offering the best from both side at an affordable price.

Composite doors have been designed to take into consideration the common flaws that are experienced with single material doors, using a combination of materials which have been specially selected for specific properties, effectively composite doors have allowed for old flaws to be “designed out”.

Made using a variety of materials such as PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP (glass reinforced plastic), internal composite doors have a higher thermal resistance compared to wooden doors, making them the perfect choice when you need to contain heat within a room. The combination of materials also means that composite doors are very strong and robust, withstanding the trials and tribulations of day to day family life without a problem.

Internal composite doors are designed to replicate the appearance of oak internal doors and are often available in a variety of colours, some are smooth with a bevelled finish, others will have a wood grain for a more natural look. But thanks to the materials used, they’re perfect for those that want good looking doors that are budget friendly and extremely low maintenance. They won’t fade, discolour or require any treatment and can be cleaned easily using conventional cleaning products and a damp cloth.

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