Picking Hinges for Your Internal Doors

Picking Hinges for Your Internal Doors

Generally, door hinges aren’t the first thing you think about in your home, in fact they’re very rarely considered. Hinges are a pretty important part of keeping your doors intact however; if the wrong hinges are used, or they’re not installed correctly, they can damage your doors or door frames.

There are a number of things to consider when looking at hinges but the most important consideration should be that they are able to handle the weight of your door and keep it upright. It’s also a bonus if the hinges blend in with your current décor. You can find a few different materials and finishes of hinges so you should be able to find one to suit your home.

Which Hinges for Internal Doors?

How many hinges needed for an internal door depends on a few things, like the size and weight of the door. There are a few different materials that hinges can be made out of, all of them strong metals. For external doors, hinges are generally made out of stainless steel and brass.

For lighter internal doors, you shouldn’t have to use as heavy duty hinges due to the light weight nature of the door. You should only have to use a low hinge class too. Whereas, for heavier doors such as solid oak and fire doors you’ll need to use a higher hinge class so the hinges can handle the weight.

You also need to look at the angle of opening that you want for your doors. Different styles of hinges can give your doors more flexibility for opening. The flexibility of the hinge will come from the different style of the hinge. When deciding on the hinge you want, you can look at things like, the design of your door, your décor. A well as what style you’re going for overall.

There are guides for the weight of doors and what hinges should be used, as well as how many should be used for each size. Knowing the weight of your internal doors is a must, this will make your hinge picking a lot easier.

What Hinges for Oak Internal Doors?

When you have heavier doors, you have to think about the different hinges that you can use. Most hinges have a door carrying capacity, when the doors get heavier, especially when it comes to oak doors as these can get extremely heavy. So choosing your hinges can be a difficult task as you want them to be able to hold your door but also fit in with your décor.

It is also important that the hinge fits into the size of the door too, especially with hinges like butt hinges. The thickness of the door has to be an adequate thickness or the hinge will not do its job correctly. As oak doors are usually rather thicker than the average door, if the hinges aren’t the right size for the door. You might want to consider using a different type of hinge, like a T hinge for example. These T hinges do go well with the oak door look too.

Know the measurements of your door, as well as the weight then look at the hinges you would like, most hinges will tell you how much weight they carry, along with the size they can handle.

What Hinges for Fire Doors?

The first thing about fire doors, is that the doors are usually heavier than most average internal doors. Therefore, the hinges will need to be able to withhold that weight easily. A fire door is averagely just over double the weight of an average internal door.

Also, when the doors are used with a door closer, the wear and tear of the hinges on the door will be considerably worse. Fire door hinges are manufactured to take this weight whereas, normal hinges are not. Fire doors need certain hinges to help the door do the job it was specified to do. In order to get the door passed as safe, the hinges and seals need to be fire resistant too.

You also have to realise the effects that the fire would have on a door, fire doors have to hold the fire back for a minimum of 30 minutes. While enduring temperatures over 1000 degrees Centigrade. The door will warp and char. While there will quite possibly be a considerable air pressure difference on the other side of the door, with a fire. If a normal, average hinge was used for these doors, while they went through these situations. The hinges would give up very quickly. However, because fire doors aren’t made like that like normal hinges are. They have certain benefits and have been manufactured differently that help keep the door up, and doing its job.

The hinges have either a stainless steel, or thick steel construction that give the hinges a tremendous amount of strength. This strength helps both the door itself as well as the hinges cope with that amount of pressure. The large hinge area, as well as the large screws that the hinges use is a very solid fix. The pin has a pinned and capped design; this prevents the pin from dropping out of the hinge.

Hinges come in many different shapes, designs and colour. The first thing you need to do, is find the right hinge for your door and what hinge class you will need for that door. Generally, for normal internal doors, you should only need between a 1 and 4 hinge class. However, this changes when you come to doors like fire doors, the hinge class that is needed will increase. To roughly between 5 to 8. Fire door hinges are manufactured very well so they can do what they need to do in case of an emergency.

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