Black Internal Doors

Go modern and choose from our black internal doors range. We’ve carefully selected our collection of interior doors to ensure there’s something to suit every style and taste.

Select one of the solid interior black doors from our extensive range to act as a focal point or create a dazzling contrast by opting for black internal doors with glass panels.
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Black Internal Doors

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The Qualities Of The Colour Black

Like with almost any colour, the colour black is synonymous with great characteristics that can add some gravitas when used in your home. Power, strength, and authority are just some of the connotations associated with black. So, choose a black door if you want to enjoy an eye-catching interior.

For those looking to add a touch of class and sophistication, opting for a black colour palette within your home is a great way to achieve this. That’s because black adds depth and substance to any room and draws the eyes up. Once you then pair it up with metallic or bold accessories, the drama and beauty are only heightened.

With our vast range, it’s easy to pair your internal doors with black sliding patio doors or other external doors.

Are Black Interior Doors On-Trend?

When exploring colour options, black internal doors are often overlooked for grey and white alternatives when a neutral aesthetic is wanted. However, you could be missing out on all the wonderful benefits that interior black doors can add to your home.

In modern and contemporary home décor, white doors can feel a little outdated. In larger entryways that boast a lot of open space, internal black doors provide a dramatic transition between two rooms. Pairing it up with black flooring brings the ultimate dramatic feeling to any home.

It isn’t just modern homes that black interior doors suit either. During the Victorian and Edwardian periods, many interiors were painted in black and dark colours. Therefore, choosing black and darker coloured doors in properties from these eras can help create an authentic and traditional style.

Creating A Harmonious Room Design Using Black Internal Doors

Whilst you might be concerned about how a door that’s black might fit in with your interior décor, it is super simple to pair up with other colours to achieve a great look.

Black interior doors can be paired with almost any neutral home décor style. In fact, in rooms that present a lot of natural hues with little boldness of colour, a black door can balance out the neutral tones.

Hanging your new black door within a white frame can also add some instant luxury to your interior. The white door frames prevent the black door from absorbing too much of the natural light and can create a brighter transition between rooms.

Why choose A Black Door?

Easy Maintenance

In busy family homes, internal doors can quickly attract dirt, fingerprints, and blemishes. Black can often hide these much better than other colours so is a great colour choice when looking for new doors.

What’s more, our entire black internal door range is easy to maintain and even easier to clean on the spot. This doesn’t mean to say that they don’t need care every once in a while. Clean any excess dirt from the door once or twice a year to uphold your new door’s lifespan.


The beauty of internal black doors is their ability to complement almost any style of home décor. Whether your home boasts an open-plan feel or a more constricted industrial style, doors in black are sure to suit. All of our internal black doors arrive pre-finished, so you don’t have to worry about applying the finishing touch.

Welcoming & Calming

As black naturally draws your eyes towards it, doors in black will create a welcoming feeling and encourage you and any guests to explore what’s beyond the door.

Utilising black colour doors in your living space also adds a calming undertone to the room. This makes them ideal for anywhere where you want to relax like a bedroom or living room.

When paired up with your own trinkets and décor accessories, black provides the perfect backdrop to make them stand out even more.

Available in a variety of door styles

Glazed Doors in Black

There are various glazing options to choose from within our vast door range. Opting for clear glazed panels in your black door can help light flow between spaces, whilst still providing the dramatic look from the black frame.

Smoked and frosted glass doors are ideal for those places where you need extra privacy, like bedrooms and bathrooms. Having these options in our range means you can enjoy the simple elegance of black doors anywhere you want in your home.

From small glazed panels in single leaf doors to large glass panels in our internal French doors, you’ll find the right one to suit your style at Doors & More.


To bring added character to each of our range of black doors, we use a wide variety of premium materials to enhance the colour. Solid oak and ash options provide a classic and sleek look to the doors with a premium feel.

Alternatively, our solid core engineered wood should not be overlooked as they are a thing of beauty and show off the black colourisation well.

Door Sizes

Our collection features a huge range of black doors that’ll suit standard-sized doors and enhance your living space. From single leaf to French doors, you’ll find the ideal new door here at Doors & More.


Whichever new door in black you choose, you can have peace of mind that you’re getting exceptional value for money. We work with a range of brands to deliver top-quality traditional and modern black door styles that’ll stand the test of time.

Support choosing a black internal door

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