How To Remove & Adjust Internal Bifold Doors

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How To Remove & Adjust Internal Bifold Doors

Internal bifold doors are ideal for creating a beautiful home with a good flow of light. Occasionally their complex sliding and folding mechanisms might need some maintenance and care. They may need tweaking or ‘tuning up’ to stay in great working order. Some repairs and adjustments can be done with the doors in place and others might require you to remove them.

We’re here to talk you through some common issues with bifold doors, as well as how you can remove, repair and adjust them. Your interior bifold doors will be running like a dream in no time!  

How to Remove Internal Bifold Doors

To fix your internal bifold door issues, you’ll probably need to remove them. The idea can be intimidating as bifold doors have multiple panels and are attached via a track system. But you can remove them yourself in a few simple steps.

1. Locate the bifold door pivot.
2. Release locking levers on the pivot bracket.
3. If there are no locking levers, pull the pivot out. Turn the pin a few times if you are struggling to remove the pivot. 
4. Lift the door slightly off the floor or bottom track.
5. Whilst the door is raised, ask someone to remove the bottom pivot. 
6. Move the door so the bottom pin comes away from the bracket.
7. You should now be able to slide the top pin out of the bracket.
8. Your bifold doors should now be loose.
9. If you’re not putting them back, unscrew and remove the guide & pivots.
10. If you’re repairing & replacing your doors, skip step 9.  See how fitting internal bifolds guide for reinserting them back on the track.

How to Adjust Internal Bifold Doors

If your internal bifold doors are catching on your carpet they may need some adjustment to ensure smooth motion. Here’s how to adjust them.

1. Check the bottom pivot to see if it can be raised.
2. If it can, try raising it to see if this solves the problem.
3. If this doesn’t work, use a pencil to mark how far up the door the carpet sits.
4. Remove the bifold doors, following the instructions above.
5. Using the marks added earlier, draw a line to indicate where to trim the door. 
6. Place the door on a flat surface.
7. Carefully saw off the bottom edge of the door up to the line.
8. Sand the trimmed edge until smooth. 
9. Refinish or repaint the trimmed edge.
10. Once thoroughly dry, re-install the door. 

Additional information: most wooden internal bifold doors have a small amount of lipping to allow for trimming. If you need to trim more than a few mm to adjust your door, it’s best to check the lipping size first.

How to Repair Internal Bifold Doors

If your internal bifold door isn’t running smoothly, you might need to repair it. Here’s how to bring your bifolds into balance.

1. Find the top bracket and loosen the screw.
2. Slide the bracket a little way along the track. 
3. Tighten the screw and close the door.
4. Repeat on the other side. This will adjust the space between the tops of the doors. 
5. Find the bottom bracket and move the pin.
6. Repeat on the other side. 
7. Tighten or loosen the bottom pins to adjust the height of the door.
8. Close the doors to check the fit.
9. If you still have running issues, check and clean the track.
10. Apply a small amount of oil to keep the door running freely. 

Common Internal Bifold Doors Issues and How to Fix Them

Bifold door problems might leave you baffled if you’re unsure how the door mechanism works. Here are some of the common issues, what might cause them and how they can be repaired. 

Bifold Door is Sticking

If your bifold door is sticking, it’s likely there is a problem with the tracks. 

How to fix it:

1.Check if the doors are correctly placed on their tracks.
2. If they aren’t, lift them back on.
3. If the track is bent, gently tap it straight again with a hammer.
4. Check the tracks for any debris. 
5. Brush or vacuum to clear away any dirt. 

Bifold Door is Loose

If your bifold door feels wobbly, it’s probably down to a loose pin.

How to fix it:

1. Check the pivot pins and remove the loose one.
2. Remove the door, following the instructions above.
3. Drill the damaged hole until it is large enough to fit a wooden dowel.
4. Apply glue to the dowel.
5. Gently hammer the dowel into place and remove excess glue. 
6. Cut off the ends of the dowel so it is level with the door.
7. Drill a new hole to fit the pin.
8. Re-hang the doors.

Bifold Door is Dragging

If you’re feeling a dragging sensation when opening and closing your bifold doors, it’s usually because a pivot has moved. 

How to Fix it:

1, Open the doors.
2. Check all pivot pins, top and bottom.
3. Adjust the necessary pin to bring the door back into line.
4. Look out for a good clearance around the door, and check the door is plumb.  

Keeping your interior bifold doors in good working order is easier than it first seems. Addressing problems straight away can avoid further damage and more complex issues. Now you know how to remove and adjust your bifold doors, you’ll be able to fix all manner of little glitches to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

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