Pine Internal Bi-Fold Doors

Known for its natural beauty, delicate staining and versatility, pine is a wood that’s often overlooked in favour of stronger timbers such as oak. Pine is, however, more affordable, and arguably more attractive than most competing woods and enjoy not only a high level of flexibility, but a surprising level of durability. Shop our pine internal doors range below.

Whilst it is technically a softwood, pine is actually incredibly strong and durable. Pine doors are easy to trim down to size, too ensuring that they fit flush in their frame, with little space to allow draughts to squeeze through. Because the wood is also resistant to damage over time, pine doors won’t chip or warp due to smaller moisture changes in the air, which can often happen with lesser quality woods.

In comparison to oak internal bifold doors, pine doors are significantly more affordable, yet offer a similar level of quality and arguably look even better depending on your preference. You couldn’t spot the difference between our oak four panel bifold door, and our pine four panel bifold door once they’ve been given a coat of stain, varnish, or paint.

It also has an advantage over engineered wood when it comes to acoustics, as pine is a natural sonic insulator, which means a set of pine bifold doors would be a perfect solution for families with loud children. For a home office, for example, it would offer a wonderful and affordable way to separate your work life from your home life.

It’s the aesthetic appeal that keeps bringing people back to pine, though, and that aesthetic appeal is worth far more than the asking price. Not sure if pine is the right choice for you? Why not explore our affordable range of white moulded internal bifold doors or take a look at our standard internal doors to see if something catches your eye. Larger space to fill? Our internal French doors are a beautiful alternative to traditional solid doors.

Need a little advice? No problem. Give our friendly team a call on 01205 363 999 or contact us using our contact form and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have.

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