PREMIER Porto Oak Glazed Roomfold – Frosted

PREMIER Porto Oak Glazed Roomfold – Frosted




Our Porto Oak Fully Finished Roomfold offers you the privacy when you want it but still allows light through however when you open them up you will have all the entertaining room you need. Available in 3, 4, 5 or 6 door systems, using either 533mm, 573mm, 610mm, 686mm or 762mm standard doors. With all the options available please take your time before ordering. This top hung system is offered with frame, head and base track, running gear, hinges, drop bolts and pre glazed doors. The only thing you dont get is the handle and latch so that you can match your existing doors.


Choose a Size

1674mm x 2078mm (3 0), 1794mm x 2078mm (3 0), 1905mm x 2078mm (3 0), 2133mm x 2078mm (3 0), 2361mm x 2078mm (3 0), 2370mm x 2078mm (3 1), 2516mm x 2078mm (3 1), 2820mm x 2078mm (3 1), 2943mm x 2078mm (5 0), 3128mm x 2078mm (3 1), 3128mm x 2078mm (5 0), 3508mm x 2078mm (5 0), 3740mm x 2078mm (3 3), 3740mm x 2078mm (5 1), 3888mm x 2078mm (5 0), 4196mm x 2078mm (3 3), 4196mm x 2078mm (5 1)


Frosted Glazed

Fire Resistance



Fully Finished


Engineered Oak