PREMIER Glazed Oak Roomfold – Clear Fully Finished

PREMIER Glazed Oak Roomfold – Clear Fully Finished




Our Fully Finished Oak Roomfold system is of a premium quality but competitively priced. As these are fully finished lacquered doors and frame, they are ready to assemble. These Roomfold systems are available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 door options. The slim line doors are available in 381mm, 419mm 457mm widths or the standard widths of 533mm, 573mm, 610mm, 686mm and 762mm. With these sizes you could have potential opening sizes from 1215mm wide up to 4671mm wide.

With all the options available please take your time before ordering. Our standard door options have 110mm stiles where our slim line options have 60mm stiles offering you more glazing maximising the glass area. This set comes with a Frame pack, doors, hinges, running gear, head and base track / threshold and drop bolts. All of this comes as an assembly kit.

The only thing you don’t get is the handle and latch so that you can match your existing doors. If you don’t see your size, give us a call and we will see if we can find a set to meet your needs.


Choose a Size

1218mm x 2078mm (3+0), 1332mm x 2078mm (3+0), 1446mm x 2078mm (3+0), 1601mm x 2078mm (3 1 or 2 2), 1674mm x 2078mm (3+0), 1753mm x 2078mm (3+1 or 2+2), 1794mm x 2078mm (3+0), 1905mm x 2078mm (3+0), 1905mm x 2078mm (3+1 or 2+2), 2133mm x 2078mm (3+0), 2209mm x 2078mm (3+1), 2361mm x 2078mm (3+0), 2370mm x 2078mm (3+1), 2516mm x 2078mm (3+1), 2820mm x 2078mm (3+1), 2943mm x 2078mm (5+0), 3128mm x 2078mm (3+1), 3128mm x 2078mm (5+0), 3508mm x 2078mm (5+0), 3740mm x 2078mm (3+3), 3740mm x 2078mm (5+1), 3888mm x 2078mm (5+0), 4196mm x 2078mm (3+3), 4196mm x 2078mm (5+1), 4652mm x 2078mm (3+3), 4652mm x 2078mm (5+1)


Clear Glazed

Fire Resistance



Fully Finished


Engineered Oak

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